The Versatile Blogger Award


Good Afternoon all!

Whilst getting ready for a ten hour shift at work and seeing the gloomy rain and wind outside the window (that I have to venture out into in order to get to said job) I was thrilled when I received that oh-so-familiar ping! of the mobile phone indicating an exciting new email!

On investigating further, I was overjoyed to see that I had been nominated by the lovely amummysview (fab blog sharing her experiences/advice/products/classes – you name it!) for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Look what I got:

So a huge big ‘Thank You’ soooo much to amummysview!

Now here are the conditions of the award:

1. Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to other newly discovered blogs
Here are my seven things:
1.) I was a runner up twice in the ‘Press Packers’ competition, when I was about 12 years old, following articles I had written and submitted to their comp. As a part of this, I had to audition in the Blue Peter Garden and also in The News Round Studios as a reporter. Unfortunately, I did not win but enjoyed my trip to the BBC studios and having a stint in front of the cameras! (And also to see the Blue Peter Garden)
2.) I wrote and self published my first children’s book ‘The Ruby of Egypt’ last year and it is such an amazing feeling to see your words in print and it’s a bonus when other people enjoy your work.
3.) I work shifts and I must be a night owl as I love night shift! More down time to read I suppose 🙂
4.) I am going to be an Auntie in October and I can not WAIT! I have no children of my own and I will definitely be taking tips from amummysview blog
5.) I love jazz music, I could quite happily sit in a jazz café all day and sip champers (however there is work to be done!)
6.) Has a fear of flying yet I insist on watching Air Crash Investigation in a bid to tease myself and also understand why crashes happen (?!)
7.) I love reading! I’m addicted to it, I get bored easily and always have to have a book/My Beloved Kindle nearby to fend off boredom.
Enough about me…over to you! I nominate:
Love Missuswolf xxx

In The Shadow of Death – Jeremy P Bowen

SUNDAY 01st APRIL 2012

in-the-shadow-of-deathGood Afternoon and Happy April Fools Day!

After returning back on shift today, I would like to bring you all up to date with what I read on my last set of Rest Days; In The Shadow of Death by Jeremy P Bowen.

The book is well written and the idea and concept behind it is a clever one.

The opening scenes tease the reader with such curiosity, the first Chapter opening with such intrigue as it sets the scene of a man who seems to have no memory and a huntsman by the name of Ted.

Spring forward a few pages and you are introduced to young Kera in the most harrowing scenes imaginable; my heart was pounding in fear as well as anticipation for her to bravely battle for survival.

At this point in the book I was frightened; I was experiencing the terror and the turmoil of the characters and I was genuinely scared to read on for fear of what else I may find. My thoughts at first were that it wasn’t my usual type of read, however , this book left me wanting more –  and certainly did not disappoint. I am pleased that I am broadening my reading horizons – I get to experience different author’s work and besides, if I did not, I would miss out on beauties like this.

It is well written in that the descriptions, the dialogue, the action propels the book into life and makes you experience every step of the way with these characters, I could imagine this book being made into a film.

I love how the storyline unfolds and cleverly intertwines, the conclusion briefly satisfying a reading craving yet leaving you hungry for more…which is a delight as this is the first book in a series; the second installment is titled The Ghosts of the Arad.

You can purchase In the Shadow of Death here and you can also follow the author on Twitter @Ginner_B.

I highly recommend this be added to your ‘To read’ list.

Love Missuswolf xxx