Ellefluence: Urban Decay Masterclass Ready

Sunday 6th November 2016

Last Thursday I was super excited to be invited to Ellefluence’s first event, which only happened to be an Urban Decay Masterclass. Eeekkk!

Missuswolf Urban Decay Newcastle Ellefluence Spectrum pallette and chalkboard

Image Courtesy of Laura Pearman Photography

Before we get started on the uber fun of playing with make-up, here’s a little bit more about Ellefluence:

Missuswolf Ellefluence logo

Ellefluence by Elle Blonde is a brand new platform for connecting influencers and brands.

The lovely Laura Dawson of Elleblond with some delish sliders courtesy of Rub Smokehouse (The Gate)

The lovely Laura Dawson of Elle Blonde with some delish sliders courtesy of Rub Smokehouse (The Gate) Image Laura Pearman

Laura Dawson blogs at Elle Blonde and she is the lovely lady behind this exciting new venture.

And the crazy part?

The Urban Decay Masterclass is Ellefluence’s first event – and they don’t even launch until January 2017.

Super slick or what? My kind of organised.

Urban Decay Masterclass Ready

Well, as I harp on a lot these days, I sprogged a child back in March and my life has changed somewhat.


So getting ready to go out to the Urban Decay Masterclass felt like I was getting ready for a night on the town.



I had me eyebrows freshly HD’d that afternoon, my sister had Ella so I could get ready in my own time and not on a small humans.

It was all about

the eyes.

Using my Naked 2 palette, I swept Bootycall all over my lids, blended Tease in the sockets and coloured in my eyelid with Busted. I then dampened my brush and used Blackout on my lower lashline.

Make-up on fleek.

Unlike my nails.

Let’s just say I had a fight with my UV gel machine the night before.

And it won. I ended up peeling (naughty) my gel nails off then ran out of time to paint them. I think there’s one photo on here of a scabby nail. Apologies.

There was a change in the original venue the night before the event. It was originally being held at Gusto on Newcastle Quayside, however with there being so much interest from bloggers looking to make purchases, it was moved to the restaurant on the top floor in Debenhams.

With this in mind I decided to ditch the automobile in favour of the bus with it being closer to the Haymarket.

I left the house in plenty of time and was at the bus stop early.

Unfortunately, the bus decided to be nearly fifteen minutes late. And it takes an hour to get into town. Ouch. I was going to be late.

I tried not to panic. I’m used to being late now I have that age old excuse of a baby.

But I don’t want that to creep into adult activities.

I’ve always been a stickler for time. So arriving nearly twenty minutes late was not what I envisaged and I was feeling pretty anxious as I power stomped my way from the bus station to Debenhams.

I was mortified at how late I was and gutted to have missed the start. The Urban Decay Team were in full swing when I arrived.

Luckily, I was met by the lovely Laura Pearman, who was the photograpther for the evening. I apologised for my tardiness and she was super sweet about the whole thing. Told me not to worry, grab a drink of fizz and find a seat. Thankfully there was one on the back row which I slid into, hopefully un-noticed.

Missuswolf Urban Decay make-up class Laura Pearman

Laura Pearman Photography

I joined in as the UD Team were taking the make-up from a day look to a night look on the model Emma.

Missuswolf UD Masterclass make-up model

Laura Pearman Photography


They show cased the new Spectrum Palette too, which had unreal eye-popping colours. I’m not sure it’s something I’d wear as I’m not that daring when it comes to eye colour. They’re bold, statement pieces where as I’m more earth, taupe and smoke.

Missuswolf Spectrum Palette Ellefluence


A product that caught my attention was the eye-shadow primer. In the past I’ve found that my eye-shadow tends to slide off (I must have oily lids. How glam.) Although since I’ve started using the Naked 2 palette, the eye-shadow does seem to stay on for much longer.

The team discussed a range of eye-shadow primers from Original to Eden – a nude matte and Minor Sin – a champagne shimmer. There’s also an Anti-ageing one too. Brill as I’m heading down that slope a bit quicker than I anticipated.

Missuswolf Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer

While the UD team were talking through their make-up, they passed products and make-up brushes around the audience so we could have a look at the packaging, test the products and get some super snazzy pics too.

Missuswolf Urban Decay All night foundation

All Nighter foundation Excuse the scabby nail

Another produce of note was the All Nighter foundation. Not only is this waterproof (may be ideal as if I’m not crying at some-point I’ve got the parental sweats) it gives full matte coverage and is beneficial to oily skin. Which mine has oily tendencies.

Plus it comes in an airtight container that pushes the foundation to the top. Brucey bonus! You can see how much you’ve used and don’t have to tip it upside down at the end.

Missuswolf Urban Decay lipsticks

The Urban Decay Team talked us through the lipsticks and how they’re enriched with an oil that nourishes the lip and therefore doesn’t dry them out. A product I need to try out as lipsticks usually dry and crumble on my lips. I do exfoliate and all the bumf but it really is an area I need to practice on.

Plus I’m still in search of 1993. I asked at the event if there was any in stock. Sadly there was not but my name is down on a list now woohoo! I’ve been looking for 1993 since – well – what feels like 1993.

Also new to the Urban Decay stock are the colour correcting fluids. The team talked about how the different colours can be used to correct different blemishes. For example, the green fluid is used to cover red patches and pimples. Ideal for me at this time of year. My skin is seasonal – as soon as I hit September I break out in spots until March. Excellent.

Missuswolf Urban Decay make-up brushes

And finally, another product of note was the All Nighter spray. This ‘sets’ your make-up and prevents it from basically sliding off your face. A testament to this is one of my really good friends used this when she got married in the blazing heat in Mexico.

A tip that they demonstrated was to spray in a t motion across your t-zone and then in an x form. This is much more effective that just a general spritz over the face.

As the team were talking to the audience, food appeared from Rub Smokehouse and was passed around the audience. There were chicken wings, sliders and nachos to name a few. I tried the wings, nachos and I think it was something called Texas Toast, which was like a garlic bread. All lovely and def somewhere I’d go with my hubby (anyone want to babysit?) as we both love that kind of food.

Once the demonstrations were over, there was general mingling, nibbling and photo-taking. I ended up having a delightful coughing fit while I was talking to Geordie Kisses (sorry!) and had to keep reaching for the orange juice. Apologies Laura it was me who drank all the orange as I had a serious frog in my throat!

Then off we trooped down to the Urban Decay shop floor to play some more and receive our goody bags. It was here I had a mooch with Geordie Kisses and Tales From A Geordie Goth

Missuswolf Urban Decay girls shopping

Mooching with Tales From A Geordie Goth. Image Laura Pearman

The goody bag had some samples in and – woohoo – there was the eye-shadow primer and the All Nighter spray. Hurrah! Can’t wait to test these bad boys out.

Missuswolf Urban Decay Goody Bag

A very successful evening, well done Ellefluence and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Love Missuswolf xxx



  1. Laura says:

    Love this Gemma! Glad you had a great night! The team at Urban are AMAZING! They really up your make up game without you even realising.

    I sit doing my make up and then all of a sudden this mad skill comes out and my inner Urban is released and my eyes look amazing and it’s because of something the guys have said!

    Look forward to seeing you soon at the next event xxx

  2. Laura Pearman says:

    A great write up on the event! You just brought it all back to me so vividly. So pleased you liked the surprise food.
    Loving your shots of the spectrum palette and your goodie bag spread too.

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