Naked Orgasm at House of Fraser: Beauty Confidential

Last Thursday I attended a Beauty Confidential night at the House of Fraser at the Metro Centre.


It was the first time I’d ever been to this type of event and I was über nervous.

Leaving the hubster to baba bath ‘n’ bed duties, I skipped out the door.

It felt so good to get out. Just me, no baba-in-a-car-seat-contraption that now breaks my back and without half the house in tow.

Me and my Cambridge Satchel.

I deliberately drove slow (the event was on 6-9 so plenty of time). Who knew being in a car by one self was so utterly delightful?

It felt so good to get out.

Selfish Mother alert …

And even better to go and look at beauty products – hurrah! Something for me. (Please note me time is very important for members of the parenthood sorority. See the importance of this in my post supporting PND week).

To be honest I’m an awkward person in Beauty Hall’s. I’m always overwhelmed by all the products on offer. I’m rubbish at making on the spot decisions.

I’m a planner by nature and I’ve realised that this has seeped into my shopping game. I’m more of an online shopper where I can sit in my pj’s, drink wine and peruse.

But alas, I can shop online at House of Fraser if I wanted to. I can also collect points there with the Recognition Card I signed up for. (That’s the second card  I’ve signed up for in two weeks. The last one was an organ donor at the Tall Ships. Who knew I’d go visit such an event and end up giving my organs away?)

Anywho back to Thursday and it was good to go out and peruse over all the beauty delights. I teamed up with The Sparkle Spy herself  who was my partner in crime for the evening. Having not met each other in real life before, it was Little Lost Blonde Girl meets Girl at Tom Ford Counter in Red. Had we been a couple in a movie it would have been our meet-cute.

Both being bloggers and Beauty Confidential virgins, we chatted about our common ground before heading straight over to the Urban Decay counter. The Sparkle Spy is a connoisseur in the Naked eye palettes and, having friends who champion these, I found the majority of Naked 2 tested all over the backs of my hands.

I’ve also been after Urban Decay’s Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in 1993 since – well –  what feels like 1993. It was sold out! I came across it on an Instagram account I randomly ended up following about a year ago. It’s a bloke who is a hairdresser but also does awesome make-up. He regularly dresses up his twelve year-old sister. It’s unreal what he does as she looks about twenty-one when he’s done. She ‘rocks’ (credit to the The Sparkle Spy for that word) the 1993 lipstick . And-I-want-it.

Bliddy sold out online everywhere and on the Urban Decay website too.


Never mind, I got myself the Naked 2 palette. I’ve been playing around with it all week. My main combo at the mo is Bootycall, Tease and Snakebite (shamelessly sums up my teen years. FYI mam and other family members I’m JOKING).

I wear a lot of brown and neutral eyeshadow and this has been a dream to me. The darker two on the far-right (Busted and Blackout) I used on my lower lash-line when I went out at the weekend (to give me what my hubby calls ‘bitch eyes’. I like to think smoulderingly sexy. Don’t think smoulderingly is a word but for the purpose of this blog post let’s run with it). They did a lovely job of replacing an eye pencil and lasted longer.

The next counter we invaded was the NARS one. I follow them on Insta and I tested a few of their lippies. The Sparkle Spy recommended their blush called ‘Orgasm’. I tell you what I did blush when I asked for one of those off the shop assistant! She was fab and hooted away with us both about the names of all their products. I’ve been after a new day blush and this one is a dream. It adapts to your skin tone and gives a nice subtle glow. It’s now replaced my MAC Melba.


We were slightly confused by the leaflet that we were given. It listed certain products at their RRP and then showed a reduced price. We thought that if we bought items at the shown reduced price on the list that added up to £50, you’d get a tenner off. So I was about to throw some Benefit mascara in the mix to make it up to the £50 when the lovely assistant (who hooted about the naughty-named-NARs products) explained that wasn’t the case. The leaflet was actually showing what you would pay on the particular product if you spent over £50 and got the £10 off.

So RRP minus 10.

Never mind.

Confusion over.

We got the products we wanted (bar 1993 – boo). Waah. Hiss. Sob.

Recognition points collected, we said our goodbyes and off we both went into the sunset.



Love Missuswolf xxx


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