Pink Hair Don’t Care

I get bored with my hair.

It tends to change with the seasons; I embrace the blonde bombshell and beach waves in summer and the toned down caramel colours with a fuller fringe in the winter.

Just before I fell pregnant, I experimented with balayage.  It just happened. A tinkering of


Pregnant hair don’t care.

dark at the roots migrating to softer caramels at the bottom. It quickly turned into my signature pregnancy hair as the longer ‘roots’ pasted on made my hair feel in better condition and gave it a break from the blonde.


Although my hair is naturally a boring mousey colour, I usually don’t think the darker colour suits my skin tone. I find that I have to overcompensate on the eye makeup too. But balayage was the perfect combo as the blonde ends balanced it out.

So where does the pink hair come into this equation?

With my hair being super blonde at the moment, my roots are uber dark. Despite getting my hair done every six weeks, there’s a couple of weeks where I need to do some route disguising tricks; a bit of dry shampoo/a messy parting/ back comb the roots.

Well this summer, I’ve added a hint of pink to the mix.

imageMy sister went through a phase of having a tint of pink in her hair earlier this year. When I asked her about it, she referred me to the fab range called Bleach London.

Now these are perfect for blonde hair.

With the standard silver shampoo to even out brassy tones (a must-have shampoo for us blondies) they’ve added a range where you can get a hint of colour to your blonde hair too. I’ve also spied their hair colour crayons now.

I’ve opted for the Rose Shampoo. It’s a wash in, wash out shampoo so it’s ideal for those couple of weeks. My thinking is the pink distracts more from the dark root. Plus I’m on maternity leave and have no work to be professional for so now’s the time to experiment.

Yup – pink hair don’t care.


A rare straight hair day too. It was a Sunday and I had time to blow dry it straight.

I mean, it’s not outrageously adventurous – it is just a hint of pink after all – as this pic will show you. But in the right light (I was struggling to get a picture of this), it gives me ‘candyfloss hair’.


You can get other colours in their range (check out the Washed Up Mermaid colour – argh!). They do semi permanent one’s too which I think I might experiment with towards the end of my next hair cycle (may have to run this one by my hairdresser first!)

As for beach waves (basically can’t-be-arsed-hair you can get away with) – I tend to plait my hair for bed, take it out in the morning, back comb a few roots and spritz some L’Oreal Studio Matt and Messy – Shine Free Salt Spray Tousled  and ta-da – the lazy girls guide to beach hair.

Although there’s a product I’m dying to try now that I’ve found while googling an image for this blog post (I’ve ran out of Matt and Messy and don’t have a bottle to take a pic of oops) – Wild Stylers Beach Waves.


Anyway  I’ve been doing the lazy girls beach hair for years –  I’m super lazy when it comes to dealing with my thick-takes-years-to-dry mane.

When my hair’s this blonde, it needs a lot of moisture so I use Aussie imageMiracle Moist Shampoo when I’m not using Bleach London (I cheated on Aussie temporarily with Herbal Essences when I was early pregnant. I couldn’t stand the smell. Now I’m wary of Herbal Essences as it reminds me of those funny days. Bah).

Again, this is just my hair care routine that I’m boring you with I’m not an ambassador to Bleach London or Aussie.

I get my hair done this Thursday woohoo (Hi Paula! –  Northburn Hair. Check her out – she’s awesome).

As the saying goes – blondes have more fun. So have more fun with your blonde hair and play with the Bleach London colours.


Love Missuswolf xxx


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