Book A Day Challenge UK: Day 23 – Made To Read At School – To Kill a Mockingbird

MONDAY 23rd JUNE 2014

Today’s #BookADayUK is one I was made to read at school.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Image from Amazon - click here for your copy

Image from Amazon – click here for your copy

I read this as part of my GCSE English coursework.

Half my lifetime ago *shudders*.

I did surprisingly well considering I was a typically distracted, hormonal teen.

I wish I could go back – or had the option (or the time!) to study English now instead.

I’m so much more focused in my mature years. I’ve developed an insatiable appetite to learn the older I have become.

No harm in re-reading this I suppose. Re-live those teen years …

Love Missuswolf xxx


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  1. Andy says:

    This is my favourite book. The only thing I have taken with me from my English Lit days! My teacher would be so proud 🙂 Can’t believe the author never wrote anything else.

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