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Afternoon All!

Another of my New Years Resolutions was to expand my literature knowledge  and try to broaden the content in what types of writing styles that I read.

This has been made more accessible by My Beloved Kindle.

Thanks to the fabulous Kindle Store on Amazon, they have two Top 100 Lists; Top 100 Paid and Top 100 Free.

Not one for missing out on a freebie, I have set straight to work downloading some Classics that are now available as part of the Top 100 Free.

Amongst the Classics available is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Having never seen any of the TV Series or the film, I wanted to experience this book and get a feel of the writing style. It is all part of my journey to  become a writer.

Although it is not what I class as an ‘easy read’ where I can easily slip away into a world of escapism.

It takes me a bit longer to get into this story, especially when I try to read on a night-shift. I find it hard as I have to somewhat concentrate more to read this than other books due to the different narrative and conversant language that is applied. But that’s the beauty of it being a classic; experiencing the writing of someone from the 1800s and how writing styles have progressed since.

Other Classics that I have downloaded for free that I intend to read this year are:

*Little Women

*Black Beauty

*Treasure Island

*The Importance of Being Ernest

*Wuthering Heights

*Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I am hoping it will aid my intellect and make me super brainy (well – one can dream!)

Love Missuswolf xxx




  1. Charity says:

    I love that you are reading the classics. I got a Kindle as well and have been doing the same thing. I love Pride and Prejudice and recommend watching the mini series version when you are done ( the one with Colin Firth) as it is really faithful to the book. I also loved Wuthering Heights. I’m trying at the moment to read Great Expectations. Happy Reading! x

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