Driven by Dane Cobain

Those of you who have read my blog for years know that it was born through my love of reading – so when the opportunity to read Dane Cobain’s latest release Driven was presented, I accepted.

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I’m always on the look out to read different books by a variety of authors.

For those who may not have heard about Dane Cobain, he’s a published author, freelance writer, book blogger poet and (occasional) musician from High Wycombe, UK.

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As well as an award-winning book to his name he also has the following:

No Rest for the Wicked(supernatural thriller), Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home (poetry) (literary fiction), Social Paranoia (non-fiction), Come On Up to the House (horror) and Subject Verb Object (anthology).

Driven is the first book in the Leipfold Series.


Meet private detective James Leipfold, computer whizzkid Maile O’Hara and good-natured cop Jack Cholmondeley in the first book of the Leipfold series.

A car strikes in the middle of the night and a young actress lies dead in the road. The police force thinks it’s an accident, but Maile and Leipfold aren’t so sure.

Putting their differences aside, and brought together by a shared love of crosswords and busting bad guys, Maile and Leipfold investigate. But not all is as it seems, as they soon find out to their peril…

Cobain sets the scene with a fast-paced first chapter.

It follows the lead up to the death of the young actress as she finish’s her shift at work and walks home.

The narrative and descriptions in this first chapter alone had me drawn in – I found my own heart beating with the tension that was created.

What proceeds is the investigation by both the Police and Private Detective Leipfold and his assistant, Maile.

I found that Cobain has a knack of writing interesting characters. He peppers the story with little quirks of their personalities; from completing crossword puzzles, to online gaming and theatre trips.

There is a technical theme intermittent with the storyline and it gives us an insight into current set-ups as well as what is to come.

The book introduces character’s along the way that are all under suspicion by the Police and Private Detectives, which keeps you guessing.

A satisfying conclusion and with the potential for more to come from Leipfold and Maile, it’ll be interesting to see where Book Two takes us.

Drive is available now – click here for yours.


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Disclosure – I was gifted a copy of Driven as part of this feature


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