Lynda La Plante – Cold Heart



…Is the date I officially started reading this book, however it was after a few tipples in town and a night at a Psychic event so I had a slight case of droopyMissuswolf Lynda La Plante Cold Heart eyelids and I just wanted to sleep. On no reflection is this of the book, the opening is intriguing just fatigue and fizz got the better of me.


I opened this book on my first break and panicked that I had forgotten what I had been reading! Fortunately, as soon as I picked it up, the plot came flooding back and I managed to slip right back into. I am loving how this is from a Private Detectives point of view and therefore can get involved and witness all sorts of corruption!


After a cosy evening on the settee (eating a few cheeky slices of pizza in between) I have now finished this book. I can’t really talk about it too much for fear I will give something away as it is quite complex and intertwining.

I had a hunch about how it may end, although a small part of it was right, it did not end how I expected at all, which is always a good sign in a book as if it’s too obvious you are left unsatisfied.

A cleverly written book and an interesting topic (art) to choose as a running theme in relation to art.

I love how it is set in LA and depicts the type of persons that you may well expect to come across in that set-up.

The last couple of chapters are written so well; jumping between about three different scenes that are all linked. It gives the book the feel of picking up the pace at the end as it makes for easier reading as it beautifully ties all the loose ends together.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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