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Today I’m linking up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat’s #LittleLoves …


I See You Clare MackintoshI finished reading ‘I See You’ by Clare Mackintosh last week. I’ve previously read ‘I Let You Go’ (cheeky blog post plug – catch an earlier interview with the author here) which I really enjoyed so I was looking forward to reading her second novel.

Both are psychological thriller’s, which I went through a phase of being obsessed with last year.

‘I See You’ freaked me out a bit as it’s based on someone watching people’s commutes to work. Plus now I have a mammy head on my shoulders I seem to have lost an outer layer of thick skin when it comes to reading gritty books.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it – I did. I still think ‘I Let You Go’ was much better but I like Mackintosh’s writing style and the concept of the book was quite clever.

The author used to work in the police force and has used her experience to write from the investigation side. There’s also a sub-story intertwined from the police officer’s side of things that ticks along nicely in the background..

But I loved the surprise in the middle of ‘I Let You Go’ which seemed to divide reader’s opinion. Some felt it was misleading – I thought it was good planning and inventive on the author’s part.


I love a good who-dunnit (remember Broadchurch, ahhh flippin loved that programme – and David Tennant ooooh).

Well, on Sunday night the hubster introduced me to Sky Atlantic’s current who-dunnit.

Missuswolf Little Love Unsplash

 A Night Of.

Since finishing Stranger Things on Netflix about a month ago, I’ve been in search of a new binge-fest box-set. Aside from downloading all of Sex And The City to sneak in here and there (it makes me want to drink fizz and whisky. Hmmmm)  and The Get Down (which is more of a music development story) I’ve been craving a gripping mystery.

A what happened?

Did he do it?

What’s going to happen to him now?

Cleverly filmed, love the camera angles – it’s as if you’re amongst the drama. The girl in the back of the cab talking to the driver, the conversation is filmed through the rear-view mirror. I love little things like this. Builds up a bit of tension.

I also love the little snatches of camera angles of what the character’s are up to – actions, no words. A sergeant clearing up his desk items and signing out as another one signs in; no words exchanged just simple actions.

Simple actions that jivvy the story along, a subtle indication signalling the end of their shift.

And the beginning of a new day. A new day of what’s going to happen??

I think the writer’s and screenplay have done a fantastic job in creating interesting character’s and intricately portraying them on screen. Wow, I hope I sound like I know what I’m talking about haha!

From the lawyer who has eczema on his feet and wears sandals to air them, to the  main character who suffers from asthma. Little interesting traits that are played upon and trickled into the storyline.

Also the opening credits are mint – they remind me of the beginning of the likes of True Detective and Hannibal.


Missuswolf What I wore - Next Dress Little Loves

I wore this blue and white dress to an evening do at a wedding last weekend. Not to everyone’s taste but I love a bit of pattern – espesh a nod to the sixties.

It’s actually from Next and a purchase I made last summer. I took it on my hols to Turkey.

It didn’t get much wear after then as I was preggers.

Poor dress,  must’ve been feeling a bit lonely and neglected. So I took her out on Saturday night.

My cream sandals are from H&M and I kid you not, they are about seven years old (told you I’m in desperate need of a fashion haul). Just need to ration the cake eating a little more. And do a few buggy bootcamps.  You can then catch my Fashion Haul on Elle Blonde in October.


Ouch this is embarrassing. I haven’t made anything. Does making the tea count??


Headphones Little Loves

I am obsessed with Ellie Goulding’s Still Falling For You.

I love this lasses voice and absolutely adored Love Me Like You Do  from that naughty Fifty Shades film.

Steven Halpern’s Comfort Zone has also been on my playlist this past week. We listen to it in Postnatal Yoga (more of this in future blog posts) and it’s so relaxing. I’m actually listening to it right now – it’s become my writing music.

And Lastly

Last week was a super busy week!

The start of a new school term has brought with it all the baby groups – hurrah! From Baby Bootcamp to Baby Massage, Tots ‘n’ Tums and Jolly Babies (keep toot for more about these in future blog posts).

Yep – I know.  I’ve turned into a baby-group whore. I never thought I would be one for going to groups but ha there you go. It keeps me sane.

I’m embracing it (see my post on how it also helps PND here).

Throw in a McMillan Cancer coffee morning too and a mammies night out on Friday anyone would think I was on my ‘Summer Holidays’ 😉 (inside joke – or maybes not. I think I’ve explained it in a previous post??)

Regardless, doing all this (bar mammies night out) with a little human in tow is bloody hard work.

Especially when she shits herself (covering me) in the middle of the raffle being drawn at the coffee morning.

Good job I had a black top on.

I nearly wore white.

What an effing disaster that would’ve been??

On the plus side I won this lovely picture frame from Live Laugh Love and I bought this adorable  Home Sweet Home sign from the ShabbyChicMaisonbelle Stall.

Missuswolf Home Sweet Home


Right – Mammies Night Out. I went out to Maharaj’s Lounge, an Indian Restaurant in Blyth, with the girls I met when we all did Lush Tums Pregnancy Yoga (more about this too in future blog posts).

Maharaj's Lounge - Blyth Mammies Night Out

Mammies Night Oooot. Yes, very girls gone wild I know.


The last time I went to Maharaj’s I was actually pregnant with Ella but didn’t know it. Ooooops. I drank a loooottt of wine and shots that night. Bah – she’s turned out fine hasn’t she ??!

We had loads of fun with the staff – they’re good crack. They also told us about their Tapas Tuesday, which may be another possible Mammies night out. In the not too distant future either.

Missuswolf Kir Royale Wallaw

Perfect way to end a chaotic week –  with a delightful Kir Royale in The Wallaw


What have you been up to?

Love Missuswolf xxx

Images – credit to Unsplash



Bump Not Frump: How I Styled My Baby Bump – Maternity Glam




It’s September 2015. I’ve not long announced we’re expecting baba W and it dawns on me of all the social gatherings I’ll have to attend whilst up the duff; two wedding’s, an engagement party, a 30th birthday party, the WHOLE festive season, my birthday. How am I going to style this growing bump?


Thankfully being the latter of your friends to procreate has it’s pros.

For starters, there’s a Communal Maternity Wardrobe circulating that is added to and passed on.  It consists of a winter coat, a few tops, a skirt and some jumpers, all bought from the likes of New Look, H&M and George at Asda. We’re all various heights so we buy our own jeans/leggings. To be fair, H&M normal leggings will actually suffice rather than their maternity ones.

For jeans, I bought two pairs in the Next sale:

A light pair of flared jeans with a band that were super comfy at the beginning and post natal (I’d been after a pair of flared jeans for ages before I found out I was pregnant. Bliddy typical that the perfect pair were god-damn maternity ones! Never the less I still wear them now and they’re perfect for those I’m-bloated-like-a-whale-so-I’m-going-to-stuff-my-face-even-more-days).

I also bought a darker pair that went over the bump. I wore these the third trimester and are pretty useless now I don’t have a bump.

Oh – I also bought a pair of black maternity jeggings from New Look that have an elasticated band. I wore these all the way through my pregnancy (although they were a bit snug towards the end!) I got some wear out of them post natal too (eventually) when my thighs decided to let go of a bit of baby weight.  I’ve worn them so much I’ve had to throw them out this week (they had a hole in the crotch haha!)

I have friends who bought the Maternity Leigh jeans from Topshop. I own a pair of the normal Leigh jeans but couldn’t face buying the Maternity ones. I don’t think they would have fit my thighs. (I had issues getting back into my normal Leigh jeans waaaaah! I think I tried them on too soon post baby and cried when I couldn’t fit my calf in them. Not good when you feel like a hormonal hippopotamus. These are now the skinny jeans I talked about in This Girl Needs To Run sausages-in-lacky-bands complex).

I also had a couple of pairs of the normal stretch t-shirts from Primark,  which lasted me throughout the entire pregnancy. Abeit they were slightly stretched towards the end but for around £4 a top there’s no love lost there.

But enough about boring daywear.

If, like me, you find you’ve timed your nine month’s sober when your social calendar is the busiest – fear not! Here’s my rundown of Style The Bump Survival:

Wedding Ready



I borrowed this ASOS Maternity dress from a friend. ASOS really is the go-to website to style the bump. They have such a wide choice of maternity clothing at decent prices (more on this to come). Plus, they’re designed to stretch with your bump, so you can wear them at all stages of your pregnancy. image


Granted my bump here looks little more than bloat but what a great excuse to let it all hang oooot.

I had a spray tan done by the lovely Penny which made me feel a million times better. I’m not normally one for spray tans but I went all out for anything that perked me up when I was pregnant.

Engagement Party Ready

imageThe Engagement party was a week after the wedding. Bloody typical – these gathering’s are like buses, nowt for ages then two come at once. For this I wore a non maternity dress – a jersey black dress from Miss Selfridge that is so comfy. I’m not normally one for Body Cons – even with spanx I feel like they show all my lumps and bumps. However, pregnancy made me release my inner Body Con goddess (!?) I felt that as I didn’t have to hold my stomach in, now’s the time to embrace it! I originally thought I’d opt for clothing that was loose and covered my bump but those types of clothing made me feel and look bigger.

I had a voucher still from my birthday (way back in January!) for a Mac makeover which I was saving for a special occasion. Seen as though I couldn’t get drunk I thought I’d treat myself to some make-up pampering. I also treated myself to some make-up goodies which is always a bonus. I love the Watt’s Up highlighter from Benefit. Always good for a bit on contouring and this strobing lark.

I still had a bit of colour on me from the wedding spray tan too hurrah!

Wedding Number Two


Evening do for a work pal of hubby at Hardwick Hall so I would have been driving anyway as it’s about forty minutes away; the rule that it’s his friend so he can drink. This is a non-maternity dress that I’ve had for a couple of years (it was a Christmas party dress alternated at different work dos circa 2013/2014!) Dress is from New Look

Thirtieth Birthday Party Shenanigans

Bonbar for a good friend’s thirtieth. This is from the Asos Gamze collection, which I was so eagerly

imagewaiting to launch just a month before this party. I wouldn’t normally brave something like this – a crop top with cleavage, mid driff on show and a split in the skirt. But there’s something about being pregnant that made me feel like I could get away with this. My boobs were finally a decent size and the skirt cuts at a flattering waist angle a-la- Kim Kardashian.

Tis The Season to be the designated driver …


Asos Gamze, my hubby’s Christmas jumper and a dress I got from Next in the sale. Again, not a normal one I’d go for and oddly enough I bought this before I knew I was pregnant. It stretched with bump and I wore this a lot of times throughout my pregnancy.

I bought a navy maxi-dress from ASOS Gamze that had a split up one side. I’d bought this to wear at Christmas but my bump never seemed big enough for the dress. Alas I got to wear it at literally the very end of my pregnancy – to an awards do at work (I had baba the morning after oooops!) Sadly I don’t have any photo’s of this, which I’m a bit gutted about.


So there you have it – a pretty basic mish mash of maternity and normal clothing. Although I’m not too sure of the tights on here. These were actual maternity one’s from ASOS but I wouldn’t recommend them. They didn’t fit my bump properly and the crotch area seemed all out of proportion. Looking back they’re also too light for what I normally wear. I found that my non-maternity Primark tights did a much better job sitting under my bump.

My go to shoes were the black pair in all these pictures from New Look. I didn’t want too high a heel but I’m not a fan of kitten heels either. This one was just right.

The bag is a black Cambridge Satchel that it is perfect for day and night wear. Classy and simple. I got this from my lovely friends for my thirtieth birthday.

I did buy a pair of maternity dungarees from ASOS with the guise of wearing them a-la-Kirstie Allie in Look Who’s Talking. I looked ridiculous. Let’s not go there.

Oh and one final tip. Lips. Get yourself a lovely dark lippy like Topshop’s pink coloured All About Me or purple coloured Wicked.

That always made me feel uber glam.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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