Halloween Baby Rave

Friday 28th October 2016

Yesterday saw the Little Lady and I attending our first Halloween Party.

And it wasn’t just any old party.

It was a Halloween. Baby. Rave.

Missuswolf Halloween baby rave Albion Centre Blyth dark room uv lights

I’m not the most creative of people. So when it came to Ella’s Halloween costume, it was a good old trip to Asda (Actually it was more like a lazy-online-order-in-my-pjs-while-necking-wine).

No doubt there would be other’s in the same outfit (turns out I didn’t see any).

It was suitable Halloween Baby Rave attire.

A bright orange pumpkin vest with a fluorescent green tutu and stripey white and green tights.

I’m actually jealous.

I want an adult sized one.

Instead I took the opportunity to wear the darkest and vampiest shades of my Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow coupled with my new Crimson lippie from Boots Natural Collection (recommendation by a very good friend). Hell I even did a bit of backcombing of my hair to save me from brushing it properly.

Missuswolf Halloween baby Rave woman holding baby in pumpkin outift looking at each other

Halloween Baby Rave Ready

With it being the closest I’ll get to a rave in these toned down years of my life I’m bliddy making the most of it!

So off we trot to the Albion Centre in Blyth. The Rave started at 12.30 (and was on until 2pm) so this gave me a lovely long morning to potter about.

It turns out the more time I have, the worse a mammy I am. I packed her milk, just not the actual bottle.

Or any kind of plug device (dummy).

More fool me as we stood in the queue and she just whinged the entire time. So much so that we had to borrow a dummy from my really good mammy friend (high-five to the mammy tribe!)

Once we signed in, we parked up our buggies in the buggy park-come-chill- out-room. Cue mammy friends standing round catching up seeing how each other is and offering moral support to those who are having a tough day.

That’s when the music started.

Ah the distant memories of being pulled towards a nightclub for the pulsating music. Now I’m being pulled towards a soft-play in the dark.

Shoes were not permitted in the Rave Room so we all played pass the babas as we took it in turns to take off our footwear.

Once inside, the room had been darkened but there were plenty of UV lights to still be able to see where we were going.

Missuswolf Halloween baby rave darkened room with UB lights and soft play

We made our way through the room, stopping to chat to people we knew before taking our place with our mammy tribe (cake club) next to the ball pool.

Halloween Baby Rave baby in a ball pool holding a red ball

Although the room was really warm to start with, it did cool off a little as the party went on.

The lovely Rachael Logue who organised the event, did a speech about Tots and Tums and her experience with Postnatal Depression. This was then followed by glo-sticks and dancing at the front of the room.

Missuswolf Halloween baby Rave people in a dark room with uv lights

There was a set-up in the middle of the room with soft mats and soft play toys. Cushions were scattered for little babies to lie on or for mammies to perch their tired backsides.

Ella played in and around the ball pool with her little playmates until I had to do the mammy jig to calm down her whinging. Of course I still wanted to chat so I was up and down with her while I nattered on.

Halloween baby Rave two babies in pumpkin outfits sitting together

Floozy Ella flirting already

The sensory aspect of the rave was hugely successful. It wore a lot of the babas out – including Ella. She NEVER falls asleep on me but she was passed out on me towards the end.

That’s how I measure a successful baby event!

Enough to wear her out that she falls asleep on me.

Back home I troop to feed and change her. I think someone must be teething as an incessant whinge ensues the whole afternoon – enough to drive me to avoid bedtime.

Instead I escaped to ‘tidy the kitchen’ where I promptly popped open a bottle and hid drinking fizz.

And had my own mammy rave.

Love Missuswolf xxx


Fizz Friday – Mammies Night Out & other #LittleLoves

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Missuswolf Coffwee Work Sleep Repeat Little Loves


Today I’m linking up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat’s #LittleLoves …


I See You Clare MackintoshI finished reading ‘I See You’ by Clare Mackintosh last week. I’ve previously read ‘I Let You Go’ (cheeky blog post plug – catch an earlier interview with the author here) which I really enjoyed so I was looking forward to reading her second novel.

Both are psychological thriller’s, which I went through a phase of being obsessed with last year.

‘I See You’ freaked me out a bit as it’s based on someone watching people’s commutes to work. Plus now I have a mammy head on my shoulders I seem to have lost an outer layer of thick skin when it comes to reading gritty books.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it – I did. I still think ‘I Let You Go’ was much better but I like Mackintosh’s writing style and the concept of the book was quite clever.

The author used to work in the police force and has used her experience to write from the investigation side. There’s also a sub-story intertwined from the police officer’s side of things that ticks along nicely in the background..

But I loved the surprise in the middle of ‘I Let You Go’ which seemed to divide reader’s opinion. Some felt it was misleading – I thought it was good planning and inventive on the author’s part.


I love a good who-dunnit (remember Broadchurch, ahhh flippin loved that programme – and David Tennant ooooh).

Well, on Sunday night the hubster introduced me to Sky Atlantic’s current who-dunnit.

Missuswolf Little Love Unsplash

 A Night Of.

Since finishing Stranger Things on Netflix about a month ago, I’ve been in search of a new binge-fest box-set. Aside from downloading all of Sex And The City to sneak in here and there (it makes me want to drink fizz and whisky. Hmmmm)  and The Get Down (which is more of a music development story) I’ve been craving a gripping mystery.

A what happened?

Did he do it?

What’s going to happen to him now?

Cleverly filmed, love the camera angles – it’s as if you’re amongst the drama. The girl in the back of the cab talking to the driver, the conversation is filmed through the rear-view mirror. I love little things like this. Builds up a bit of tension.

I also love the little snatches of camera angles of what the character’s are up to – actions, no words. A sergeant clearing up his desk items and signing out as another one signs in; no words exchanged just simple actions.

Simple actions that jivvy the story along, a subtle indication signalling the end of their shift.

And the beginning of a new day. A new day of what’s going to happen??

I think the writer’s and screenplay have done a fantastic job in creating interesting character’s and intricately portraying them on screen. Wow, I hope I sound like I know what I’m talking about haha!

From the lawyer who has eczema on his feet and wears sandals to air them, to the  main character who suffers from asthma. Little interesting traits that are played upon and trickled into the storyline.

Also the opening credits are mint – they remind me of the beginning of the likes of True Detective and Hannibal.


Missuswolf What I wore - Next Dress Little Loves

I wore this blue and white dress to an evening do at a wedding last weekend. Not to everyone’s taste but I love a bit of pattern – espesh a nod to the sixties.

It’s actually from Next and a purchase I made last summer. I took it on my hols to Turkey.

It didn’t get much wear after then as I was preggers.

Poor dress,  must’ve been feeling a bit lonely and neglected. So I took her out on Saturday night.

My cream sandals are from H&M and I kid you not, they are about seven years old (told you I’m in desperate need of a fashion haul). Just need to ration the cake eating a little more. And do a few buggy bootcamps.  You can then catch my Fashion Haul on Elle Blonde in October.


Ouch this is embarrassing. I haven’t made anything. Does making the tea count??


Headphones Little Loves

I am obsessed with Ellie Goulding’s Still Falling For You.

I love this lasses voice and absolutely adored Love Me Like You Do  from that naughty Fifty Shades film.

Steven Halpern’s Comfort Zone has also been on my playlist this past week. We listen to it in Postnatal Yoga (more of this in future blog posts) and it’s so relaxing. I’m actually listening to it right now – it’s become my writing music.

And Lastly

Last week was a super busy week!

The start of a new school term has brought with it all the baby groups – hurrah! From Baby Bootcamp to Baby Massage, Tots ‘n’ Tums and Jolly Babies (keep toot for more about these in future blog posts).

Yep – I know.  I’ve turned into a baby-group whore. I never thought I would be one for going to groups but ha there you go. It keeps me sane.

I’m embracing it (see my post on how it also helps PND here).

Throw in a McMillan Cancer coffee morning too and a mammies night out on Friday anyone would think I was on my ‘Summer Holidays’ 😉 (inside joke – or maybes not. I think I’ve explained it in a previous post??)

Regardless, doing all this (bar mammies night out) with a little human in tow is bloody hard work.

Especially when she shits herself (covering me) in the middle of the raffle being drawn at the coffee morning.

Good job I had a black top on.

I nearly wore white.

What an effing disaster that would’ve been??

On the plus side I won this lovely picture frame from Live Laugh Love and I bought this adorable  Home Sweet Home sign from the ShabbyChicMaisonbelle Stall.

Missuswolf Home Sweet Home


Right – Mammies Night Out. I went out to Maharaj’s Lounge, an Indian Restaurant in Blyth, with the girls I met when we all did Lush Tums Pregnancy Yoga (more about this too in future blog posts).

Maharaj's Lounge - Blyth Mammies Night Out

Mammies Night Oooot. Yes, very girls gone wild I know.


The last time I went to Maharaj’s I was actually pregnant with Ella but didn’t know it. Ooooops. I drank a loooottt of wine and shots that night. Bah – she’s turned out fine hasn’t she ??!

We had loads of fun with the staff – they’re good crack. They also told us about their Tapas Tuesday, which may be another possible Mammies night out. In the not too distant future either.

Missuswolf Kir Royale Wallaw

Perfect way to end a chaotic week –  with a delightful Kir Royale in The Wallaw


What have you been up to?

Love Missuswolf xxx

Images – credit to Unsplash



Watching The Ships Roll In – And Then We Watch Them Roll Away Again: Tall Ships Blyth 2016

Oh. My. God. I am on a complete and utter high after this weekend’s Tall Ships Event held in my very own hometown of Blyth!

Fave Ship Everrrr

Fave Ship Everrrr

Seen as though I am on my ‘summer holiday’ (private uh-hum ‘joke’ between me and the OH. Won’t bore you with the details but yes we did join the whose-had-the-hardest-day-brigade. Something I vowed I would never do. Bah). Sorry where was I? Oh yes, so seen as though I was off on Friday and I live right across the road from the beach, I thought it would be a marvellous idea to troop on over and watch the ships roll in (!)


So, having fed, washed and dressed both myself and the baba in record time we managed to get out the house and over to the beach just after nine (major woohoo and high five). It was perfect timing to get caught up in the build-up atmosphere as staff, volunteers and visitors were trickling in.

It looks deceivingly quiet on this pic!

It looks deceivingly quiet on this pic!

The weather was unreal – blue skies with that lovely sunshine shimmering off the sea. Perfect Tall Ship Hunting Weather. Although there was a slight breeze which meant I couldn’t put the parasol up on the pram (had an experience down the beach once where this nearly blew off towards some unsuspecting sunbathers. Needless to say I was impressed at my most unlikely ninja reaction and I caught it just in time. Very unlike me).

Waiting for some Tall Ships, is that one in the distance?? Gorgeous morning though!

Waiting for some Tall Ships, is that one in the distance??!

So we sat and waited. I was a bit frightened In case I mistook random boats as Tall Ships – I mean, how tall are they anyway? Plus Ella was restless once we stopped so I did a lap of the beach, only to find I’d missed one as I came back to our Hunting Spot.

Never mind, like buses, none came and then two came at once. Just after an old lady pushing a dog in a pushchair asked me the way to the harbour (true story).


Yey, I got my Ship Fix and we went home, saving ourselves for the evening where we could scoot off down to the harbour as a family to see them all.


imageAs soon as the OH was in from work, we scrambled out the door and headed towards the Harbour via Ridley Park. Being a resident of Blyth and so close to the event itself, I was anxious that there’d be utter chaos with traffic and the temporary one-way system. Needless to say I was impressed the whole weekend with the organisation of not only the Tall Ships Event but for the traffic and parking measures that were put in place. As a resident it was minimal disruption and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing Blyth come alive these past four days.image

Ridley Park was a hive of activity itself with fairground rides, market stalls and it’s oh-so-famous playground water feature. We ventured along to the Quayside and swooned at the ships (and I also at an Orlando Bloom look-alike from the what I call Pirate Ship. I’m not too sure what it’s actual name was?? I couldn’t see the side or the flag on the top properly).


My other favourite ship was the ‘Dar Mlodziezy’ near the end of the harbour right next to the stage and the bar

Where I spied them serving prosecco hurrah.

How convenient! image

A bit pricey (£9 a round for fizz and beer) but what the hell – what maternity leave? Remember I’m on my s-u-m-m-e-r h-o-l-i-d-a-y. So we had two rounds of drinks. YOLO


We finished our night with a beer and a burrito (from the Zapatista stall). We got to eat in peace after Ella’s grandma kindly offered to take her back to hers and feed her while we ate. We sat in the lifeboat hanger where there was a band warming up and (selfish mother alert) I relished in the pretence of our old life and that we were out on a date.

Saturday we did it all again (minus the alcohol) with some friends and more family.

This time I purchased some amazing Cheesy Peasy Pease Pudding from the Pete’s Puddin Stall. Nom Nom.


Sunday we gave it a miss as it rained in the morning and by the time the sun got out we resigned ourselves to the fact we were going to have a lazy day. So we stayed at home and ate Sunday dinner and drank wine.

As we have a baba it meant we missed out on the fireworks at 9pm (although if you stood in a certain part in our garden you could see them between the houses).

You could hear them though.

Which made me want to see them even more. By the time I decided to change out of my pj’s and run to the front of the estate to catch the finale, it was over and I was just a strange lady standing on a street corner breathless. Not something I want to be known for.

The calm before the storm - beating the rush at the Coastline. Major Tile Love for this place

The calm before the storm – beating the rush at the Coastline. Major Tile Love for this place

So Monday I desperately needed my Tall Ship fix. We made a day of it; getting up early and heading to Coastline for our breakfast and then walking down to the Harbour.


This time we walked through the back of Ridley Park car park to the Harbour which we’d missed entirely in our previous trips. This was really good as it had the navy ship and helicopter’s.


We walked into the town centre to see the fair at the market square, then back along the Harbour to see the ships one last time before they set sail.


We had a pit stop at Ridley Park where tea and pudding was sorted for the evening by purchasing Sausages from The Geordie Banger Co and a Chocolate Tiffin Brownie from The Brownie Bar.


For a Bank Holiday Monday the weather was unbelievable – perched on deck chairs by the water park while feeding Ella with all the hustle and bustle you’d have thought we were on holiday abroad somewhere.

Never seen Blyth Beach as busy!

Never seen Blyth Beach as busy!

It seemed like everyone else had the same idea as us – to watch the ships sail out from Blyth Beach. Which is obvious really I don’t know why I was surprised. Despite the crowds we still had an amazing view of watching them roll away again (!)


What else was there to do now it was all coming to an end?

Sit on the dock of the bay wasting time? Or sit in the back garden drinking vino blanco? Guess what we chose.

Well done to everyone who was involved – you did Blyth proud and no doubt well and truly put us on the map.

Love Missuswolf xxx

How was your weekend?

Monday 8th August 2016

I’m into my twenty-second week of maternity and I still look forward to the weekend like I did when I worked full-time.

I’ll not give you the spiel about motherhood being a full-time job and all that but after five days of just me and the baba, I can’t wait for the weekend to do family things. In other words – share the load.

I’ve already done a couple of KIT days at work and I fully intend to use all ten of them.

ella roll 2

Don’t be deceived by the smile. She’s happy with herself for rolling over but the whingeing soon ensues until I rescue that trapped arm. Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

That one day in the week where I get to skip off to work where I don’t have to think about keeping a little human alive is delightful. Selfish I know but I love having a day to myself – to relish in the old me. Pure escapism. Gasp!


It’s been extremely healthy for my sanity.

Ella’s not a cuddly baby – yet when I get home from work and feed her, she falls asleep on me. Something she never does when we spend all day together. I’m not one for sitting still either and there’s so much to do when I get in from work. But all those jobs I’m eager to do and I normally can’t rest until they are done – I find myself leaving.

It feels like quality time.

Unlike today where it’s taken me the best part of it to write this blog post in-between feeding, changing and entertaining. Another round of  bottle feeding looses its appeal when you do it day in, day out. But that one I do after work – I actually enjoy.

Anyway, I digress.

So – back to the weekend.

Newcastle Fiesta

On Saturday we trooped over to the Newcastle Fiesta at the Town Moor. After nailing a military operation of a morning – consisting of the three of us getting up and ready, walking to the Coastline to snaffle a bacon sarnie (think hubby was hung over from watching the unsuccessful NUFC match the night before) and packing a car with baby paraphernalia, we managed to arrive half an hour early. High five us!

The gates didn’t open until 12 on the dot so a roadside wait it was while I jumped in the back seat to throw a bottle of milk (obvs not literally!) down a hungry baby.

The £2 car parking fee and £3 entry free each (Ella was free) I could live with. Granted, it wasn’t as big an event as I thought it was going to be. The banner advertised lots of fabulous hot air balloons (my childhood obsession!) – I got to see two. Some people didn’t get to see any. I was just thankful Ella isn’t arsed about rides yet as they were a rip off. Even with the money off vouchers they were still expensive.

ruby davanti

Happy second birthday to Lady Ruby

Never mind, the sun was shining, we bumped into some friends and managed to over-stimulate Ella into a long nap. Hurrah!


Fast forward to Saturday night and we’re off to Davanti’s at Whitley Lodge for my niece’s second birthday. Great food and great atmosphere – the staff were so friendly and entertaining (and patient with all the small children we had in tow!) It was my turn to drink and I found myself slightly pissed at a two-year olds party #motheroftheyear

I felt the consequences the next day. Wine is the devil’s drink bah. I’ll never learn.



So now it’s Monday and I’m back to another week in baby land. At least I get to watch the Olympics.

davanti g and e

Feeding a baba while snaffling birthday cake. I’m winning at life.


Love Missuswolf xxx