A Piece of HeART

FRIDAY 09th MARCH 2012

I have spent a lovely morning in the company of a couple of my closest friends, who I have known and shared my life with since I was at First School. We went to a lovely wine and bistro bar in Tynemouth called Luis.

 ‘Wine Bar?’ I hear you ask.

Yes – however they do lovely breakfasts and the only drink consumed were lovely cups of tea followed by fairly healthy breakfasts – mine consisting of Poached Eggs and Smoked Salmon on a toasted muffin with Hollandaise Sauce yum yum.


The conversation flowed and we all got excited about a new business that one of my friends has just set up;

If you think of the words, she will create the heARTwork.

Her fabulous idea came when she did her own timeline of main events that have occurred in her and her husband’s life that they have shared together, in which she produced a ‘Marriage TimeLine’.

I loved it so much I fired an email straight away asking for one of my own; The Fairytale of Mister and MissusWolf:

Her ideas are fab and unique; you can request one’s for New Baby’s, New Home’s, funny little quotes…basically anything you want she will design!

They are great gift ideas and perfect with Mother’s Day coming up.

Please view her website by clicking here.

You can also Follow her on Twitter @APieceOfHeART and ‘Like’ her Facebook Page.

She loves the amazing Katie Piper and recently designed a TimeLine of shows and events she has been involved in, which she then posted to her as a gift. Katie Piper has replied to her on Twitter thanking her for the beautiful artwork saying it was touching and personalised and that it is now hanging in her bedroom in her house.

I am so proud of her and what she has achieved in the past few weeks. I love my TimeLine and it hangs proudly in my Flat.

If you want to have one like the fabulous Katie Piper and the ordinary person like me – get clicking now!

Love Missuswolf xxx

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