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I would like to welcome back the lovely Chrissie Parker, who has just released her second book Among The Olive Groves.

~Author Bio~

Chrissie Parker Author PicChrissie lives in London with her husband and is a freelance Production Coordinator working in the TV, documentary and film industry.

Chrissie is also an Author. Her thriller Integrate was released in October 2013. Chrissie is currently working on two sequels to Integrate called Temperance and Retribution. Both will be released in 2015.

Other written work includes factual articles for the Bristolian newspaper and guest articles for the charities Epilepsy Awareness Squad and Epilepsy Literary Heritage Foundation. Chrissie has also written a book of short stories and poems, one of which was performed at the 100 poems by 100 women event at the Bath International Literary Festival in 2013.


Chrissie is passionate about Ancient History, Archaeology and Travel, and has completed two six-month Archaeology and Egyptology courses with Exeter University.   She also likes to read, collect books, make bracelets and listen to music. To find out more about Chrissie visit her website


Elena Petrakis adores living on the Greek island of Zakynthos. When World War Two looms her way of life is threatened. Left with noATOG_Amazon_Small choice she joins the island’s resistance to fight for what she believes in; her family, her home, and her freedom.

Decades later, thousands of miles away in the Cornish town of Newquay, Kate Fisher prepares to celebrate her twenty-first birthday, but her joy is fleeting when she learns she is adopted. Abandoning life in England, Kate flees to Zakynthos, where she is forced to acknowledge a life she has struggled to come to terms with, one that will change her future.

From the beautiful crystal turquoise seas of the Ionian Islands to the rugged shores of the Cornish coast, ‘Among the Olive Groves’ is a story of love, bravery and sacrifice.


Grab that cuppa as we catch up with the fabulous Chrissie Parker.


Hi Chrissie and welcome! It’s great to have you here again.

Thank you Gemma it’s nice to be back again!

Where did the inspiration for behind Among The Olive Groves come from?

The idea came from a conversation I had with a local when visiting the island about nine years ago. They talked to me about the war, and told me about something very specific that happened (I can’t tell you what, as it’s a spoiler for the book!). It made me want to write about the island during that time. I also love the island of Zakynthos (Zante) and Greece has been going through a bit of a hard time, so wanted to write something about the island to show how lovely it is.

How would you compare writing this book with writing Integrate?

Writing this book was completely different. Among the Olive Groves is historical fiction, set during the second world war, as well as in the 1990’s/2000’s. I had to do a lot of research on the war, and learn about what happened to people who lived during it. The book is also set on the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante), so I had to do a lot of research about the island and Greece in general. It was a mammoth task, but also great fun. With Integrate I could just write the story, it was completely fictional. Among the Olive Groves was very different, I wrote, planned, researched and then repeated the exercise a few times!

What research was involved in writing this story?

I read a lot of books and watched a lot of documentaries about world war two. I also visited a few war museums to get a feel for what happened during that time. I also did a lot of research about women in Greece during that time and what they went through during the war, which was essential for my character Elena Petrakis who ends up joining the resistance. I read some very brave accounts, and also some very sad ones. I can’t even begin to put into words what some people went through.

You’re currently working on the sequels to Integrate. How are these coming along?

They are coming along well. Integrate will now be known as the first book of a trilogy called ‘The Moon series’. Book two will be called Temperance, and the third book will be called Retribution.

I have written the full draft of Temperance, and worked out the story plan for Retribution. I’m really enjoying it and there will be a few unexpected surprises in store for the readers!

You have completed an Archaeology and Egyptology course at Exeter University. Have these influenced any of your writing?

I have and I’m hoping to try and do another course soon. I am a huge lover of history and archaeology and quite a bit of what I have learned from the courses about researching/finding information has really helped during writing Among the Olive Groves. Some of the historical and technical information I learned has also helped me with writing two future books that are set in Egypt and Jordan.

As a reader, what should we expect from Among The Olive Groves?

It’s a powerful and emotional story, with strong identifiable characters. It’s about family, change and learning to adapt. It’s also about fighting for what you believe in and having the strength to see things through.

Stepping away from the fact that I wrote it, I would say that it’s definitely a book that will keep you hooked, and the description of the island is likely to make you want to pack your bags and take the first plane out of the UK to soak up some Greek sun!

Thank you for being here today Chrissie and best of luck with the new release!

Thank you Gemma, and it was nice to be back on your lovely blog!

~Where to find Chrissie Parker~


Twitter – @Chrissie_author





 Love Missuswolf xxx

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