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I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, author to ‘Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom’, a children’s picture book series as well as novels Love and Liberty, Love’s Trust, Callie’s Fate and Georgia’s Smile.

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Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of military/romance/suspense and erotic stories published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. She also writes “Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom,” a children’s picturebook series co-illustrated by her daughter. Lee-Ann is a member of the Canadian Romance Authors Network. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom – Sugarland

Queen Emily SugarlandWhen Emily goes to sleep at night, her dreams take her into an Enchanted Kingdom. She is transformed into Queen Emily, the ruler of the land. Her most beloved friend and favorite bedtime stuffy, comes alive and together, they solve the mystery of the candy covered Kingdom. In the process, Queen Emily learns an important lesson about what can happen when you eat too many treats!

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 Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom – LitterbugLitterbug

When Emily goes to sleep at night, her dreams take her to the Enchanted Kingdom where she becomes Queen Emily, ruler of the land. With her most beloved stuffy by her side, Big Ted and Queen Emily solve the mystery of the Litterbug. In the process, Queen Emily teaches her citizens a valuable lesson about the importance of keeping their Enchanted Kingdom neat and tidy.

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Grab that pack of biccies and get snug with your cuppa as we catch up with Lee-Ann…

Hi Lee-Ann and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Thank you, Gemma. I appreciate you taking the time to host me.

Love and LibertyWhere did the inspiration behind Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom come from?

This series was inspired by my daughter. We have cuddle time at night where we make up stories together. The “Queen Emily” tales are based on scenarios my daughter wishes she could be in. As “Queen Emily,” she would live in a world full of treats (Sugarland), clean up the planet (Litterbug), and spend more alone time with mom (Dreamland – in production.)

How would you compare writing this book with Love and Liberty, Love’s Trust, Callie’s Fate and Georgia’s Smile?

The children’s picturebooks are fun to write, but definitely a lot more work as my daughter and I also create the illustrations. Neither of us are true “artists” so these books take a lot of time to complete. I definitely need to switch my mindset in order to write the military/romance/suspense and erotica books. Love's Trust

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

I always fancied myself as a bit of a storyteller. I still have the first short story I wrote in Grade 3 entitled “The Hobo,” for which I got an A+. I guess that sort of lit the first fire of awareness.

 How do you organise your writing time?

The writing gets done in between getting the kids to school, volunteering at the school, dealing with the household issues, grocery shopping, walking the dog, reviewing books, and marking assignments. If there is time, I write.

 Callie's FateWhere is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I love every room in my house. I don’t have a favourite spot. When the story needs to be told, the laptop comes out. I can be in bed, on the couch, in my office, or snuggling beside my kids while they read. It really doesn’t matter where I am. What matters is the need of the characters to tell their story.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I am a huge fan of kickboxing. Not watching it – participating. I’ve been doing this for over two years now and wouldn’t give it up for anything. Georgia's SmileThe endorphin rush and stress relief achieved from pounding on the bags is incredible. I’ve done a lot of physical workouts in my days, but nothing that has ever left me with the feeling of possibly losing my breakfast and needing to sit down before heading home. That is what I consider a total body performance. Go hard or go home.

 Thank you for being here today Lee-Ann.

It was my pleasure, Gemma. Thank you so much for hosting me.

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Love Missuswolf xxx



    • Gemma Wilford says:

      You are very welcome Lee-Ann it was lovely to have you here and I wish you all the success with Queen Emily and your other writing ventures. Keep up the Kickboxing – what a great way to de-stress!
      Take care

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