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I would like to welcome the lovely Sass Cadeaux to my blog today, whose new novel – The Secrets of Albion Falls – has just been released! So get that kettle on, get that cuppa brewing, Cuppa and firegrab your biccies and get cosy …

Author Bio

Sass is a Canadian Author widely regarded for her work on her eleven book series entitled ‘The Coalition of the Supernatural’. She is the owner of, which in August, 2012 will be celebrating its one year anniversary. Sass states, “In that time we have done so much. Our biggest goal is to embrace all our readers, answer all questions, and hopefully, have them feel like they are a part of our family.”

On a personal note Sass shares that her greatest accomplishment is her family as she says, “Without them, I am nothing”.

With her Degree in Administrative Health Coordination from Career Canada College and an additional course work in Computerized Office Essentials, Accounting Technology and Bookkeeping, Sass, continued to build a diverse spectrum of professional expertise.

Author PicParalleling her work experience with a profound interest in fictional writing stemming from her youth, Sass’s son actually discovered her true niche as a published author, allowing Sass to set her first series into the public with the unwavering support of her family and friends.

She shares, “My son was in grade eleven; he was completing his co-op course at the local computer shop. He decided that the family computer was too slow; he thought he would clean it up to make it faster. He noticed a file marked ‘Family Budget’ he wanted to see if we could afford to give him a raise in his allowance, inside the file were my stories that I had written over the years. Him and his friend printed their two favorite stories and demanded that I get published. He also asked that there was more action and less romance, in his opinion, it is wrong for me to write those types of scenes. After an extensive negotiation, I agreed to publish the stories, but I refuse to remove the scenes. I explained that if he didn’t like the romance scenes, he can always turn the page.”

Sass is currently mid-way through the publishing process on her first series ‘The Coalition of the Supernatural’; Sass is simultaneously working toward completing her second series ‘The Unity Series’ and her Indie Series ‘The Secrets of Albion Falls’.

About The Secrets of Albion Falls…The Secrets of Albion Falls

Living a sequestered life in magical village named, Albion Falls. Sophia’s only friend, a fairy named Rosalba, provides a welcome source of comfort and support.

It is a lie.

Rosalba’s sinister intention to devour Sophia’s soul becomes the focus of efforts by her parents and the village to protect this young woman.

 Unknown to Sophia, destiny demands her to become the Princess of the skin-walkers, a way of life shared secretly by her parents and local villagers.

The announcement of Sophia’s plan to leave Albion Falls brings the crisis to a head, as Sophia must fight for her life against the evil witch who deceived all for many years.

Keep those fingers wrapped around that cuppa as we catch up with Sass…

Hi Sass, welcome today and congrats on the new book!

Thank you for the warm welcome! It is a great pleasure to meet with you.

Where did the inspiration behind The Secrets of Albion Falls come from?

I have always loved reading and learning about the Aboriginal history, beliefs and ways. Last year I attended a Powwow, and while there, they talked about skin-walkers. My being a fiction author whose focus has always been the supernaturals, it took little to no time for the story to develop.

COTs Series OneHow would you compare writing this book with writing the books in the COTS series?

The COTS Series is an eleven book series filled with romance, adventure and at times, tragedy. The readers range from late teens to adults. One rule I kept with The COTS Series was no age limit. The main characters ages range from teen to centuries.

The Secrets of Albion Falls is a darker series.  I wanted this series to be different, and in doing so, the research was much more difficult to obtain. It was an honor to be a part of that Powwow, to hear the stories that have been passed on from generation to generation and, to have permission to bend some of the facts in order to create this exciting adventure.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?COTs BOOK 2

I am the youngest of a very large family. TV time was nearly impossible, and we were not allowed outside once the streetlights turned on.

 Living in Ontario, Canada, it gets dark rather early in the fall and winter months. Therefore, I sat in my room and wrote stories. My twin brothers were barbarians, my other brothers were fexts, vampires, and my sisters were witches, elementals and, other supernaturals. The stories were my solace, and much more exciting than reality.

 You have written five books in the COTS series (congrats!) How do you organize your writing time?

COTs Book 3I wish I could say balance is the key, but in my case, it is not. It is the supportive of my family and friends. They know when I am in writing mode and give me the space I need. I was blessed with a patient and understanding family. Writing owns me. There is no other way to say it.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I have a pen and notepad on the nightstand in my bedroom, in the living room, my kitchen and, there is always a spare in my purse. I used to write in my home office, but that took me away from the family. So now, my laptop is in the living room with the family. I write while they watch TV. My husband and son love football, and while they watch their favorite team and shout at the refs, I write.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.CITS Book 4

I am extremely shy. When I am at a book signing or public speaking event, I melt on the inside. I have never watched the videos, interviews or any events where my stories were featured. I am my own worst critic. Some call it stage fright, but I call it being a chicken. Before stepping in front of an audience, I continually chant in my mind. “This is for my readers, I cannot let them down, and I will not let them down.” There have been times when I have chanted those words until I hear them announce my name. I admit … I have often wondered if I missed a question or if others could see my fear.  

 Thank you for being here today Sass – I relate to your shyness. I am yet to do a book signing or public event but no doubt I will be melting inside too!

 Thank you for having me, Gemma. It is deeply appreciated!

Wishing you all the best adventures in reading and in life!

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The Secrets of Albion falls:

The Secrets of Albion Falls

At Just the Essentials, you can order autographed copies online. Sass tries to stop by the store twice a month. The cost is a little more, but that is for the shipping, autographs are free.

 Take a peak at Chapter One here….


Why would anyone in twenty-twelve want to write a memoir they could never publish? It would seem almost vain in comparison to Facebook, Twitter or any popular social network, also known as online diaries.

However, my life is not like most. If I’d known . . . I know, right? How many of us go through life wondering about those “what ifs,” or what would have happened if we had said or thought of a snappier comeback?

Regrets? Sure, we all have them. Some are made from honest mistakes, and others, such as the “what ifs”—there is no avoiding them. Such is life, my life.

Mom used to say, “Sophia, you can’t change the past, so stop looking back.”

I have often wondered who she was trying to kid?

I mean, even when I try not to think about the past, it still haunts me.

All I have to do is close my eyes and fall asleep. In little to no time, it is back. Of course, it is under a different name. Some people call them nightmares, and others call them bad dreams, but me … I call them reality.

Therefore, instead of writing a memoir filled with dates and quick points of boring ‘Dear Diary’ crap, I decided to share the whole story with you from the very beginning. It is something I wish my mother had done for me.

This story will explain be the reason for my death, well, if I die that is. There is a slim chance I will finish telling you this story before I—well, only one in three of our kind survive giving birth.

Maybe an online diary would have been a better way to share my story, but if I have learned anything in my little time on earth, it is that secrets are secrets for a reason.

So little ones, if you are reading this and I am no longer around to read it to you, I want you to know that my nightmare was also my dream come true.


Sounds fab doesn’t it!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Love Missuswolf xxx



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