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I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Sheryn MacMunn Homewood, author to ‘Finding Out’ and currently in the process of writing her second book.

~Author Bio~

Author PhotoSheryn always dreamed of writing a book but didn’t know how to start. While dating her husband, she shared her dream to write a novel. He gave her a notebook and a pen and said “Start now.” When she became a working Mom, the book was put on hold but stayed in her mind, along with ideas for more novels.

Like all mothers, Sheryn wants her children to live their dreams, so she led by example. After a few workshops and courses on writing, long days and nights, and many rewrites, she published FINDING OUT which became an instant Amazon Kindle bestseller.

FINDING OUT hit the Bestseller lists on Amazon as #1 in Literary Fiction, #1 in Women’s Fiction Friendship, #1 Single Women Fiction, #2 in Contemporary Fiction, #3 in Romance and Top 10 in Historical Fiction.

When not behind her computer, you will find her reading her favourite authors, playing tennis, or laughing with her husband and children.

You can find out more on,,, and follow her on Twitter @sherynmacmunn

Her second novel will be released in Fall 2014.


Finding Out

Getting dumped on the sidewalk by her live-in boyfriend of seven years and realizing that he nearly emptied their savings account is the first of Sheila Davenport’s problems. At thirty-six, Sheila had thought her life was on track. But life no longer makes sense. Now she’s saddled with a mortgage that’s about to skyrocket, a psychotic boss, and a new employee who is unqualified and hell-bent on messing with the company’s rules. Her friends advise her to date immediately, preferably someone rich and successful, or risk being old and alone. But Sheila needs to figure out what went wrong and how she got to this place. Since Prince Charming has ruined Sheila’s life, who can save her now? Help comes unexpectedly from her elderly neighbor, Ruth Grey, who has had her own share of ups and downs. As their friendship grows, Ruth reveals her deeply moving story of survival in WWII Germany. Ruth’s mesmerizing past is a powerful tale of love and revenge that provides the perspective Sheila desperately needs to put the pieces of her own life back together. Will Sheila succeed at work or walk away? Can she save her home? And why do her friends think they have it any better? A story of love found and lost, true friendship, and how the human spirit endures.

Grab that cuppa and get all cosy as we catch up with Sheryn.

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Hi Sheryn and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Where did the inspiration behind Finding Out come from?

The inspiration for Finding Out came from missing my grandmothers and a good friend who was like a third grandmother. Their advice and life lessons had carried me through so much and then they passed away within a few years of each other. I missed them terribly. I also realized that there weren’t any books that spoke to a single woman in her thirties who had to deal with life on her own. Most fiction at the time focused on younger women just figuring out the balance between relationships and career with her friends. However, my friends and I wanted to read stories about women at that middle point of a career and relationships when major decisions need to be made that can truly affect the rest of your life. So I created a story that focused on a woman who is trying to navigate today’s world by learning about the past. It sort of brought my grandmother’s back to life.

How would you compare writing this book with anything that you have written previously?

Finding Out was my first novel. I’m writing a second one now which should be ready by fall 2014.Finding Out  

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

I always loved to read and dreamt of writing a book one day. When I started dating my husband, I told him this and he urged me to start writing immediately. Since I hadn’t written any other novels, I went to writing conferences and workshops and edited Finding Out many times. I then got married and had children, so it took years to write. Regarding books, Gone with the Wind is my favourite. I read it first when I was fourteen and have re-read it every ten years. Each time I read it, I come away with a different take about life and love. For instance, as a teenager, I thought Scarlett was amazing and Melanie was drippy and I believed that Ashley was in love with Scarlett. As an adult, I can see many of Scarlett’s flaws and that Melanie is truly the intelligent one. And that Ashley just used Scarlett for his ego boost.

How do you organise your writing time?

I have children and work full time, so my writing time has to fit between everything else going on in my life and my family’s schedule. I’ve tried to wake up early but my kids just wake up early with me, so that’s out. Now, I pick times to write every day whenever I can sneak time alone – and that can change every day. Sometimes I write before work, at lunchtime or just after putting my kids to bed. The best time is when everyone is asleep so I can take time to get into the setting of the book and then the writing flows. Unfortunately, I’ll end up writing into the early morning hours, so the next day can be exhausting.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I can write anywhere. When I wrote Finding Out, I often sat outside with a notebook and also went to the Rose Room of the New York Public Library. I also did a lot of writing on Amtrak because I travelled to Philadelphia for business a lot. Back then I had a BlackBerry, so I would also type out scenes on that. I could type so fast on that keyboard! I can pretty much block out the rest of the world and get into my story anytime and anywhere. I’m not sure if that’s a result of being an avid reader or having noisy kids around me.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I’m a massive technology geek. I started programming computers in 1981 and worked in high tech for years. When I’m not reading or outside with my kids, I love figuring out new gadgets and all the new tools on Google. In my house, my husband sits back while I program all our devices. I love it.  

Thank you for being here today Sheryn.

~Where to find Sheryn~


Twitter: @SherynMacMunn



Finding Out


FINDING OUT, an Indie Book of the Day Award Winner, hit the Bestseller lists on Amazon as #1 in Literary Fiction, #1 in Women’s Fiction Friendship, #1 Single Women Fiction, #2 in Contemporary Fiction, #3 in Romance and Top 10 in Historical Fiction.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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