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I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Sylvia Stein, a fellow GoTeamPIF member who is working on her first solo novella, Closure.

~Author Bio~

My name is Sylvia Stein and I am a native of Brownsville, Texas and I have always loved writing and always dreamt of publishing my own stories one day. I have worked as an educator in Texas and North Carolina. I have also written poetry on Stein

In 2012 I joined an Incredible Writer’s group on linked in. Thanks to this group I was able to publish my first set of 4 stories which launched on Amazon in February 2013 Book One, Giant Tales Beyond Mystic Doors and her second Anthology with another set of 4 stories entitled Giant Tales from the Misty Swamp which launched in August 2013 thanks to my Writer’s group 750 started by the wonderful Heather Marie Schuldt.

However, I would also like to add that I would of never kept on pursuing my writing if it were not from the support of authors like Melissa Foster, and The World Literary Cafe (WLC Community) that paves the way for other authors, Melissa’s Awesome Support Team, Sass Cadeaux, Exchange Fan Page, Tammie Clarke Gibbs and Share an Excerpt Virtual e-book fair and last but not least my amazing family and friends and my faith in God. I currently reside in the town of Fuquay, Varina NC with my beloved and supportive husband Jeremy and my three wonderful children.

Closure is my very first novella and I really hope you will enjoy it!


Sara James was an only child who loved the world and life. Sadly, her world came to a screeching halt upon the news of her mother’s tragic death.

Devastated by the loss of his wife, Garrison neglects his daughter and turns to the bottle for solace.

Desperate to feel loved and wanted, Sara tries to pickup the pieces of what was left of her family. Sadly, no matter how hard she tried, her father continued his lust for the bottle and spiraled down a dark and abusive path.

Once removed from her home, Sara tries to pickup what was left of her life and begins to live again. She becomes a successful caterer and fights to maintain her promise to never look back.

A phone call threatens to end Sara’s promise.

Garrison is on his deathbed and he is asking for his daughter. Will Sara face her father? Will she reject his request or will she finally fight back and tell him what she really thinks of him?

Closure is a must read journey of the heart. Grab your copy in 2014!

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Let’s find out a bit more about Sylvia …

Hi Sylvia and welcome!!

First and Foremost thank you Gemma for your kind words and so Happy to be here!

Where did the inspiration behind Closure come from?

The inspiration behind Closure came from people I have met through my life that are estranged from one of their family members whether it be a mother, father, brother, sister etc.   I began to write Sara James story in one of my writing classes and then another fellow writer said how great it would be if I expanded this story into a novella.

How would you compare writing this story with anything you’ve previously written?

Writing this story can not be compared to anything I have ever written since the previous were all short stories and Sara’s character and the emotional journey that she goes through was powerful and profound. I think there are many who will relate to her story.

How do you manage your writing time?

I tell you it is not easy being a wife and mother of three. However, I love writing so I make time by working on it late In the night, and in the weekends. I always find some time to write.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on? Closure

I started writing as early as 7 years of age. It was a way to create a new world and travel within my characters. I think the book that spoke to me was when I was in High School and I read, “ To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I tell you the message that this book created for me as a reader was something that instilled a passion to want to create stories one day that would make a difference and take the reader on a journey with their words.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I work best in my office late at night and I need to listen to my music – classical, ballads, rock, etc. Without music I can’t work.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I love to sing and I have also written some songs. I do not play instruments but I hear the melody in my head and create music.

Thank you for being here today Sylvia.

Thank you so much for having me!

~Where to find Sylvia Stein~


Twitter: @sylvia_stein07

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 Love Missuswolf xxx


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