I Am Woman Campaign – Anthology – Volume 2


What is the ‘I Am Woman’ Campaign I hear you ask?


The ‘I Am Woman’ Campaign is about using our voices to help other women. To raise awareness of women across the planet who have in effect ‘lost their voice’ or had it taken away…either through, fear, abuse, illness or war. We all have a voice, whether that be through our blogs, social networks or talking to people in our daily lives. We must speak for them until they can do it for themselves.

The campaign has a blog, which you can follow here, that is ran by three women; Margot Bloom, Victoria Watson and Louise Stark.

This week they launched their second anthology, a collection of fictional short stories, flash fiction and poetry that have been  written and submitted by women who have a voice in support of women who have lost theirs.

I am delighted and honoured that my submission Breaking The Rules was chosen for inclusion in this anthology! After seeing the request for submissions back in April, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

You can download I Am Woman Campaign Anthology – Volume 2 from Amazon for £3.99 here.

All proceeds (no deductions) are donated to their three charities, which are:

– Breakthrough

Women For Women

– Women’s Aid

So download your copy now! Not only are you supporting these charities, you get to sit and cosy up with some fab stories from women in support of a great campaign.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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