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I have been tagged  by the lovely author of the blog  Amummysview (a beautiful blog sharing not only useful information for mummys – but also sharing wonderful experiences that the author has with her daughter) and challenged to do an A-Z of Me.

After musing over this as I fell asleep last night,(ha that doesn’t quite make me sound exciting does it?) I found the answers came to me in between jobs at work today.

Missuswolf happy girl jump in air

Here goes:

A – AUTHORThis is what I aspire to be

B – BOOKS (you may have a slight incline) that I LOVE Books

C – CREATIVE WRITING I love to write and read others work. I attended two terms of an evening class of it last year and loved it.

D – DANCING Be it around the dancefloor or bopping around my living room, I love a good disco dance

E – EATING Oh dear – yes, I love my grub!

F – FAMILY & FRIENDS  I Wouldn’t be the person I was today if it wasn’t for them, they are my support network and I love them

G – GOLF WIDOW What I become mostly in the summertime – however it means I can  spend more time on my blog/reading/writing without feeling guilty of Husband Neglect

H – HUNGER GAMES As if there would be anything else at this moment in time (OBSESSED)!

I – INDECISIVE a huge fault of mine that I am very indecisive – I answer a question with a question doh!

J – JOB am so lucky to have one in this current climate despite having the odd moan I have accepted my position and I more than appreciate it now

K – KINDLE Who could forget My Beloved Kindle??!

L – LAPTOP Can’t live without it. May as well be merged with my lap and become a part of me

M – MOVE Would love to move one day, when the time is right, from The Little Flat to my Dream House

N – NIECE OR NEPHEW who is coming along in October making me a very happy Auntie!

O – OPTIMISTIC The attitude I have adopted and wear every day

P – PIZZAS – Yes, I am a Mahoosive Pizza Lover. I am partial to Asda‘s Create your own ummmm

Q – QUEST I am on one of these to become a writer

R – READING Love it – need I say more?

S – SUMMER  Longer days, warmer evenings, bbqs, walks on the beach – just that general happy, energizing, carefree spirit that it brings

T – THANKFUL for my life, my family, my friends, the lucky position that I am in in my life, working a good job and having time to indulge in my writing fantasy world.

U – UMBRELLA Always seem to be the one who forgets mine and ends up soaked!

V – VEGAS my future Home. Only kidding – just love the place. Went as part of my honeymoon, went again with the in-laws and will be going back for the hubby’s 30th.

W – WRITING Self explanatory really, I love to write (I initially wrote Wine in my scribbly notes at work and it just dawned on me as I typed that there was a more pressing ‘W’ I should be placing here ooops! But yeah, I like wine. In small doses, it falls out with my head otherwise)

X -XMAS I love it! Decorating the tree, spending the whole of December celebrating and getting excited, getting all snug and cosy.

Y – YEARN I yearn to work hard and one day be hugely successful in whatever I do, whatever path life ends up taking me down, but mostly I yearn to write and it’s a bonus if others enjoy it too

Z – ZEN A tranquil place I will eventually reach once I have achieved my #writing goal.

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Love Missuswolf xxx


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