Baby’s First Christmas with Crinkles the Elf

Friday 2nd December 2016

For the past couple of Christmases now, I’ve watched the craze of ‘House Under Elf Surveillance’ take over every child-filled abode.

And this year, we are no exception.

Missuswolf Elf sitting in a Tidy Tot holding letter eating mince pie and drinking baileys

My kind of Elf – Baileys and Mince Pie lover


I may have vaguely hinted that I became a parent this year and with this comes milestones; baby is so many months old, baby slept through the night, baby ate some food, baby crawled and inevitably, Baby’s First Christmas.

Which leads to Baby’s First Elf.

I’ve watched the hilarious antics over the past couple of years with these mischievous Elves. And I do think it’s an awesome idea. They (ideally) get the kids to behave while the adult’s (I mean Elves) get up to mischief.

This year is exciting as it’s the beginning of us starting our own family Christmas traditions. So – as a warped organised plannery type of person, this kind of project has me whooping with delight.

With Ella only being, well, a baby, she’s obviously not going to get the whole concept just yet. But I want to get her familiar with seeing an Elf like figure and giving the whole process a trial run.

So when I saw the soft toy Elf packs, I thought they were perfect.

Missuswolf Crinkles The Elf pack

Perfect as they’re big enough to catch her attention and soft enough for her to snuggle.

Within the Elf Pack you get:

An Elf Soft Toy

A personalised letter to your child

A mini sack of chocolate coins

An elf passport

A behaviour chart for your child

A behaviour warning card

A personalised child behaviour report

A personalised elf behaviour report

A personalised goodbye letter

An elf sign

So thanks to Making Memories Magical (you can find them on Facebook here for £21.50 plus p&p) my baba has an Elf Buddy.


Winning at Elfing and Parenting

And mama has a drinking buddy.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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