Christmas Story Collection

As mentioned in my previous post on What I Put In a Christmas Eve Box, I thought I’d give you a run down of the books I’ve collected so far for Ella’s Christmas Story Collection.

Christmas Story Collection


My intention is that the books she received for this Christmas will be put away until 1st December next year, when I’ll get them out in the lead up to the main event.

Another little tradition I will also be repeating is the Book Advent Calender.

I purchased 12 books from a local lady who supplies Usborne books. I responded to a Facebook post in the July and paid just £13. The books were then beautifully wrapped and dropped off the night before the 12th December.

You can read further details on the Book Advent Calender Blog Post.

Christmas Story Collection

Christmas Story Collection Missuwolf


Paddington and The Christmas Visitor

This purchase was part of the theme for 2017’s Christmas Eve Box. The book was £3 from Marks and Spencer’s, with £2 of it going to the NSPCC’s Childline.

A lovely little story that gives you all the fuzzy feels inside and makes you feel even fuzzier that, by purchasing it, you’re donating to charity too.

Paddington Bear Theme Christmas Eve Box

Dear Santa

Ella already has the Dear Zoo books so it felt like a no brainer to get her this as part of her Christmas Eve Box. My dad gave us some money to buy some gifts for her and this was one of the things we bought.

Dear Santa Christmas Story Collection

It’s a Hardback book throughout which is ideal for her age group.

This book also has little flaps that you lift to reveal the present underneath. Great for learning. However Ella has a knack for ripping flaps in books. So I currently have to watch her like a hawk with this one.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Ah this book.

The picture’s are very nostalgic to me. I used to watch the film version of Mickey’s Christmas Carol all the time when I was a child.

This book was given to Ella by her grandma for Christmas. When I realised what it was – I was overwhelmed. Particularly as it came with the DVD too. I’d been thinking about this  and had briefly mentioned it at work. But not to family. So it was a complete surprise.

Mickey's Christmas Carol Christmas Story Collection

It has a Hardback cover with paper pages in-between. It tells the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge through the Disney characters. It certainly pulls on the old heart-strings when it comes to Tiny Tim.

Ella loves anything to do with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol will always be a timeless classic for me. I hope it becomes a timeless classic for Ella too.

Ella – Santa’s Secret Elf

Santa’s Secret Elf was a surprise purchase. A lot of my purchases these days are planned and I rarely impulse buy.

Ella Santa's Secret Elf Christmas Story Collection

We took a trip to Azure Garden Centre in Cramlington one Sunday at the end of November. For the past few years, The Man and I have loved roaming the Christmas Section there.

It’s even better now there’s a little person in tow. Often we’re stuck for means of entertainment on a Sunday for The Little Lady that don’t involve softplay hell.

A garden centre is a good all-rounder. Lots to look at and explore both inside and out. There’s usually some form of pet area, generally with an aquarium, that provides lots of sensory. And there’s always yummy food.

So a couple of trips in the lead up to the festive period are perfect. When we went, it wasn’t very busy so you could browse properly. Well, I use browse in the loosest term possible I suppose. Who browses with a one year old?

Christmas Story Collection Dear Santa Ella Santa's Secret Elf

It was there we came across one of those rotating book stands that featured personalised books of Santa’s Secret Elf. I couldn’t find Ella’s at first as it was tucked away. She spied me picking it up. Cue whingeing all round the garden centre as she wanted to hold it.

It’s another hardback cover with paper pages throughout. I reluctantly gave in and was anxious as she ferociously flicked through it. I was terrified she would be her usual destructive self and rip the pages.

I eventually wrestled it from her and hid it before paying and going home with it down my coat.

The story is about the child swapping places with an elf and going on an adventure in the sleigh with Santa, who is blissfully unaware. There is a section at the back to draw yourself as an Elf and write your name on the parcel labels too.


Love Missuswolf xxx

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