What I Put In A Christmas Eve Box

The thing to remember with Christmas Eve boxes is that they are personal to you and your family.


There are no right or wrong things to put in one. You don’t even have to do a Christmas Eve Box. What makes each family tradition special is just that – it’s special to your family.

2017 was the second year I had done a Christmas Eve box.

The first year, Ella was only nine months old. I was on the last legs of maternity leave; emerging from a fog of sleeplessness and scrupulousness.

Money had been tight and I was just at a total loss at what to buy her.

Which ultimately made me feel rubbish.

So this year, I invested a bit more thought.

One thing that I kept consistent was having a Christmas Eve Box Theme.

Last years’ was Peter Rabbit; I bought a special edition little soft toy and a Peter Rabbit book. I wrote a little message in the front cover of the Peter Rabbit book. I made it very personal about it being Ella’s first Christmas with some lovely words from mammy and daddy.

This year, I jumped on the Paddington Bear Bandwagon from Marks and Spencers.

Paddington Bear Theme Christmas Eve Box

I bought the book ‘ Paddington and The Christmas Visitor’. It was only £3 – with £2 of that going to NSPCC’s Childline. So super happy that my spends on Christmas are also going to a charitable cause.

I also bought the Paddington Bear soft toy from Marks and Spencer’s too.

I’ll list the rest below for ease of read and jot down a little explanation to next to each.

But first.

The actual Christmas Eve Box.

Where is it from?

A small business that I’ve followed for about four years on Instagram called Made With Love and Little Kisses – @Little_kissesxx

I first bought a lovely decorative heart from this business when we moved into our house in Blyth. I’ve bought a couple of canvases and decorative hearts from here over the years, for presents as well as the house.

Last year, I bought Ella’s Christmas Eve Box as well as her Bauble for the Christmas Tree.


Here’s what 2017 consisted of:

  • Paddington Bear Soft Toy
  • Paddington Bear and The Christmas Visitor Book: The intention is that this will form part of her Christmas Story Collection that I get out every December.
  • Dear Santa Book:  She already has the Dear Zoo book so this seemed fitting to buy her. It was one of the presents we got her from my dad who had given us some money to choose her some presents. Again, this will make the Christmas Story Collection

  • Ella – Santa’s Secret Elf Book: This book we found at Azure Garden Centre in Cramlington. We go there a couple of times in December when they have their decorations up. (FYI –  if you don’t already know it, Garden Centres are great places to take kids. Especially at Christmas. Decorations to look at, play areas to burn off energy in. And they always have lovely food. Not a bad jaunt out.) There was a stand full of personalised books, so I picked one up to put away for Christmas Eve. Yet another book for the Christmas Story Collection

  • Iggle Piggle Soft Toy: Ella loves In The Night Garden (actually so do I. I find it therapeutic. Anybody else? No? Just me then?) We’d bought various small toys of the characters and decided to spread them across the Christmas Eve Box, Stocking and Presents. (This may sound like she’s spoilt, but I promise you she’s not. I’m quite frugal with what I buy her for Christmas. Everything has to have a purpose – whether it be something she’s genuinely interested in, or that I’m buying from a small business, or money from an item goes to help raise money for charity).

  • Santa’s Magic Key: This was made by one of my colleagues, again supporting local businesses.
  • Reindeer Dust: Bought from the same colleague who made the Santa’s Magic Key.
  • Hot Chocolate Powder with Marshmallows: (Although still a bit young for them, they looked pretty and thought I could snaffle it instead. With some Baileys in.) As above, bought from a colleague.

Christmas Eve Box Santa Key, Reindeer Dust and Hot Chocolate

  • Pyjama’s: When I was researching online what to put in Ella’s Christmas Eve Box, this seemed to be a given. I’d spied these immense pj’s in Primark online that were Minnie Mouse Twinning one’s (Minnie Mouse is another Ella obsession). Unfortunately, Primark stocked them everywhere but the UK. What’s the deal with that?? So George at Asda got my business instead. I bought her some Minnie Mouse Woven Red Shirt and Bottoms. They had great reviews online and looked festive. I bought myself Minnie Mouse pj’s with fleece bottoms from there too. So we were ever-so-slightly twinning.


  • Small Gingerbread House: Bought this as a last-minute panic buy from B&M’s when I thought I didn’t have enough (which actually goes against everything I was working toward this Christmas. Admittedly I got swept up in the chaos of a quick festive shop. I’d gone in looking for a couple of stockings and batteries and came out with a few bits more. Actually, some tealights and car air freshener so really not that bad. Minus the stockings though. I was too late). Anyway, the Gingerbread House looked super pretty though on top of the Christmas Eve Box
  • Penguin Chocolates: Marks and Spencers: Just because she’s obsessed with chocolate. And these looked cute and tasty. Plus I can help her eat these 😉

And finally.

This year we purchased a Santa Plate.

Again, following my support of small businesses, I scrolled Etsy and came across Peggies Paintbox. Granted, I did this about nine days before Christmas so I was pushing my luck. But the lovely Helen painted it and dispatched it right in time for Christmas.

Santa Plate Christmas Eve

And it looks awesome.

I’d love to hear what you put in your Christmas Eve Boxes as I’m always keen to get ideas for next year.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Please note – this post contains affiliate links. I only endorse products that I’m interested in and genuinely want to promote. Plus they help keep my website running. Thank you xxx


    • Gemma Wilford says:

      Thanks Sam. I struggled last year for what to do for Ella for Christmas as she was so small so just focused on the Christmas Eve Box. I followed Fenwicks Window Peter Rabbit theme and that continued with Paddington Bear this year. It makes up for our failed attempt to take her to see the window haha xx

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