Creative Writing Cafe Term Two – Lesson 1: Eccentric Character’s

September 26th 2011

What’s happening then?

I have a name for my Eccentric Character;  her name is Lottie Bonner and she is going to have a massive obsession with hats! From fascinators, to wedding hats, to knitted hats, to baseball caps, you name it. It’s a form of a security blanket for her.

Missuswolf Geek Club Hats

She is a head-teacher, although her behaviour and mind-frame allow her to perceive she is a head of a political party and introduces extreme rules at school … in relation to hats.

A hat is a form of protection, like a helmet in war. She constantly feels like she is battling and fighting for the greater good; whatever that is.

She is obsessed with a camera, taking constant photos of herself in hats and having these draped along her walls as a ‘Hall of Fame’.

I have yet to imagine what kind of route this will lead down for a story but to date it seems the best I can do. With this kind of characterisation it appears to be quite fitting for a psycho serial killer, perhaps leaving hats at the murder scene as her marking her territory…..maybe even lengthen it to the sick extreme that she leaves the hat on the murder victim and arranges them in a pose….taking a photo of her creation……

Love Missuswolf xx

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