Creative Writing Cafe Term Two – Lesson 3: Shakespeare Plots


After completing my Lottie Bonner story on Sunday and spending the past few days tweaking it, I excitedly emailed it to myself and then printed it off at work (naughty), ensuring I had placed it carefully in my work bag, ready to transfer to my temporary Geek Club bag (which is currently a lovely plastic carrier bag with Paperchase plastered on it).

Missuswolf Geek Club

Once I got home and had completed my housey jobs (which were to buy tea, make tea, eat tea, then lie on the couch and let tea digest – whilst watching a couple of episodes of ER), I transferred all documents from my work bag. These included snippets from magazines that I had ripped out in the hope that they will be useful/inspire me, as well as my manuscript. I then flew out the door in a whirlwind, excited to read my story.

I took my place at the table and pulled out my folder, which I have yet to buy Polly Pockets for to keep my papers in. Thinking my story was lodged in there, I sprayed the papers and snippets out across the table.  Only for the horror to then dawn on me that I appeared to had somehow left it at home. Doh! (On my return home, my beloved manuscript was lying brazenly on the rug on the living room floor)


In today’s  lesson, we went around each person and listened to them read the story out that they had chosen to write about their eccentric characters. After each one, the class were able to give feedback; giving opinions on the story route they had chosen, the style of writing, the context of the writing and what direction it could take.

I didn’t feel so bad, there were a couple of classmates who had not been able to bring their stories due to various reasons. Plus the class is quite big now so not everyone got a chance to read theirs out anyway. Never mind, I have emailed mine to the teacher for feedback.


* That it is essential to have a backstory within a story so that it helps the reader develop an idea about what the character is like and where the story is going


* None of note this week


For our homework this week, we were issued with a sheet of paper that outlined Shakespeare Plots and Subplots:

* Prince Hal is living a wild life with a group of criminal friends, although his destiny – he’ll soon be King – is never far from his thoughts (Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2)

* Macbeth has his ambition to become King – by foul means – stoked by his wife (Macbeth)

* Once he gives up his throne, and the power that goes with it, Lear comes to realise the evil ingratitude of two of his three daughters. (King Lear)

* Ophelia is driven mad by the changing moods and erratic behaviour of Hamlet, her love (Hamlet)

* Othello has his love for Desdemona poisoned by the malicious innuendos of Iago. (Othello)

* Falstaff, an aging wastrel, expects to live the good life when Prince Hal becomes King; but when Hal does become King, he rejects Falstaff. (Henry IV, Part 2)

From the above, I must:

* Pick one

* Put it into the modern world

* Jump straight in with a scene (not necessarily in play format, can be prose)

* 500 words

I think I may find this one tough.

Wish me luck.

Love Missuswolf xx

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