Creative Writing Cafe Term Two – Lesson Four: Three’s Up


This homework was much easier than last week’s Shakespeare modernisation, so much so that I had the below done within half an hour on a Friday night (wild!) This was so much fun; having to pick an object and take a reader through the stories of three character’s who have been involved with that object.

Straight away I was drawn to the gun (a psycho-analyst could have a field day on that one).

Missuswolf Geek Club Gun

I have to provide a one page summary of a longer piece of writing that involves these characters.

I thought I would share with you the ideas I have so far….

* Mrs Bertram, a distraught widow, is cleaning out her deceased husband’s property when she comes across a gun. Unsure what to do with it, she takes it to her local corrupt (unknown to her) pawn shop and sells it there. Mr Dayle, the owner, has always been good to Mrs Bertram (little did she know he was involved in sinister criminal activity with her husband hence the gun) he therefore is only too pleased to take the gun back off her.

* Taylor Morgan buys the gun from Mr Dayle at the pawn shop. He is chased by police officers shortly afterwards after an incident and throws the gun into a nearby bush whilst being chased. The police are unaware he ever had a gun and therefore don’t look for it

* Abigail Lynch is a seven year old out playing with her friends. Her older brother, Ross, who she idolizes, is also out with his mates but as he is older, he thinks he is too cool for his little sister and makes fun of her. Whilst playing with her friend, she finds the gun in a bush. She doesn’t think it is real and starts waving it around. She shouts at Ross, trying to look big and clever and impress him. She waves it around and points it at her brother, a shot is fired – seriously injuring him, leaving his life in the balance.

I debated killing the brother off, but then felt that it took away a bit of the reader interest so to speak, hooking them in with ‘will he/won’t he live’. The story could start with this accident and then re-tell of how it came to this – the reader finding out the fate of the accident at the end of the book.

It could narrate in the following ways:

  • By the little girl when she is older looking back
  • Through a Police Officer’s eyes doing the investigation, discovering along the way that they made an error with the incident with Taylor Morgan when Officers weren’t aware he had a gun. This could spark a serious investigation where Officers are suspended.
  • Through the ghost of Mr Bertram looking down on the journey of the gun

Love Missuswolf xx

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