Creative Writing Cafe Term Two – Lesson 2: Lottie Bonner



This evening, I introduced Lottie Bonner to my classmates. It was quite coincidental that a classmate also chose a character that had a hat obsession; a male who insisted that visitors to his house where a hat otherwise they weren’t allowed in.


I summarised Lottie Bonner to the class:

* A head-teacher, whose behaviour and mind-frame allow her to perceive she is a head of a political party and introduces extreme rules at school  – in relation to hats.

Missuswolf Lottie Bonner headteacher in a hat

* A hat is a form of protection, like a helmet in war. She constantly feels like she is battling and fighting for the greater good; whatever that is.

* She has an obsession with her camera, taking constant photos of herself in hats and having these draped along her walls as a ‘Hall of Fame’.

Missuswolf Lottie Bonner Camera

* With this kind of characterisation, I find her quite fitting for a psycho serial killer. Perhaps leaving hats at the murder scene as her marking her territory? Maybe even lengthen it to the sick extreme that she leaves the hat on the murder victim and arranges them in a pose? Taking a photo of her creation – ooof the possibilities are endless.

I admitted that it was a very dark character that I had come up with and I believe that is as a result of the Crime Thriller novels I have been recently reading.  We discussed my character as a group, with recommendations  about with what I could do with her. Below is a kind of ‘Question and Answer Session’ on Lottie Bonner:

1) Does she kill any kids from the school?

No, she is not a child killer

2.) Will she get caught?

I was thinking down the lines of a murder investigation where it leads up to her getting caught

3.) How would she get caught? Would she get cocky and slip up or would DNA catch her out:

Suggestions for this were:

i) She doesn’t use her own hats at murder scenes, keeps her own for her private use and purchases hats especially for the murder

ii) She buys hats from Charity shops so they have other persons DNA on (this could eventually lead to her capture; the previous hat owner recognises it as it is unique and advises that they donated the hat to a certain charity shop. The police check the cctv identify Lottie from that.

iii) Accidentally leaves her own hat at a scene – although we discussed DNA out as if it was her DNA how would we know? She would need to have a criminal record for a match and she would not be in the role of a Headteacher if she had a criminal record

4.) Could you not take it down a Black comedy route?

Discussions on black comedy took place and another idea could be that it’s a black comedy where she kills certain people who annoy her; like the milkman, or someone irritates her in passing. These characters could be built up into annoying, hatred characters and  the reader could be pleased that Lottie has bumped them off as they also irritated them! And have this where she never gets caught.

As you can see, so many avenues to go down so I thank you fellow Geek Clubbers!


* Look into ‘sea-coal, persons who go seacoling on the beach

* CHINDITS – look into this, one fellow classmates story is surrounding someone that is dropped behind enemy lines (Burma/Japanese)

* That a website exists where you can find out your own JEDI name (based on someone’s story  on a Star Wars theme. MY Jedi Name is WILGE HACRA!)

* To give reader what they think is one kind of story, then as it progresses it turns into a completely different story in the end – keeps the reader interested.

* An idea for a book – a story about a group of people who love a good funeral and create stories from these charcters surrounding their lives, the love of gossip, speculating whose it will be next…

BOOKS FILMS TO READ WATCH (This week it turns out few films were mentioned in passing and not books)

* One hour photo

* Galaxy Quest


To write in 500 words of a scene from the potential novel involving Lottie Bonner, ensuring it is a juicy scene. I think I will depict the scene where Lottie Bonner has just made her kill and is arranging the body into a pose with the hat  …

Love Missuswolf xxx

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