Geek Club – Term Two – Lesson Five: Coincidences and Happy Endings




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Tonight’s lesson I didn’t seem to enjoy as much as the previous ones; I think it was because I was night shift and had to go to work afterwards, plus I had  a bit of a headache niggling boooo.


We managed to fit most of the class’s homework in, bar two of them. There was a varied interpretation across the class as to what the homework entailed; some writing a couple of pages of an actual story, some not involving three characters and some unsure of what object was the focus of their story as they included more than one. At first, I thought I hadn’t done enough, it turns out I had done what was required. The majority of the class used either the glass or the book.

I was the only one who chose the gun.

The feedback came in the form of the following ideas:

* DNA on the gun could be traced back to Taylor Morgan then traced back to the pawn shop then Mrs Bertram

* Consider the legalities of weapons and pursue this aspect in the story

* Find out that the deceased Mr Bertram has been involved in various Serious and Organised Crimes over the years and this leads to the recovery of the house his widow now lives in as part of Proceeds of Crime

* Mr Bertram could actually be killed by someone else who had the gun

* children playing with the gun could be relatives of Mr Bertram (however this could be too much of a coincidence – see below about coincidences)

* Why is Taylor running away from the police – explore and expand this

* What kind of gun? Could it be a small handbag gun so it is small enough and not too heavy so that the child Abigail is able to lift it and believes it more so as a toy? Handbag gun? In that case it could be more linked to Mrs Bertram than her husband.



* Can’t have coincidences

* Happy endings have to be earned, not jammed onto the end of the story




* This week it was a film: Adrian Brody – The Pianist



No homework this week woohoo as it is half term next week so we are off

Love Missuswolf xxx

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