Creative Writing Cafe Term One – The Fourth Instalment: Poetry

September 7th 2011


Not my strongest point but I gave it a shot. We had to write two poems; one serious and the other light hearted. I have written in quite a modern freelance art style of poetry i.e you will notice it does not rhyme. I like to think they would be read out on stage in a theatrical style rather as a poem. One is written on my irritation of drinking glasses that are left around my flat by my significant other; the other is written in the context of war.

Missuswolf - Poetry

Clear Drinking Glass

Oh clear drinking glass,

How do you multiply so quickly?

One moment you are on the floor,

When, in a blink of an eye,

Your brother appears on the kitchen table.

On closer inspection,

Your cousin has made himself comfortable in the bedroom,

And your best friend is lying comatose on his side in the sink,

In a pool of his own cocktail he has spilled out in haste.

I assume you don’t do this intentionally,

I can only think your owner is lazy,

And rather than clean, rinse and re-use you

Oh dear, sweet, clear drinking glass,

He decides to breed you instead

Not Wanting to be The One

A battalion of wool, weaving lines to attention,

Parading like peacocks, their coloured uniform,

Awaiting their orders;

To be Unravelled with precision,

And take up their position,

Wrapped lovingly around their nations needle,

To which they grip onto,

Their lives depending, not wanting,

To be the one that dropped.

Waiting patiently for the opposition attack,

Preparing to be jabbed,

Then swung,

By the long pointed sword of the enemy,

That now edged towards them,

Still gripping,

Not wanting to be the one that dropped,

The one that let the troops down,

Not wanting to be the one

To leave a gaping hole in their country’s Woollen blanket.

Homework for 8th June 2011

Love Missuswolf xxx

Image from Unsplash

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