Creative Writing Cafe Term One – The Second Instalment: Teenage Kicks

September 7th 2011

Teenage Kicks

This particular piece of homework had to be based upon a conversation between two people in which one person has the upper hand, then the power falls to the second before finally being transferred again to the first. I wrote this as a screenplay.

Missuswolf Teenage Kicks Girl in sunglasses

(Mrs Smith is in the kitchen making the tea when her fifteen year old daughter, Gabrielle, walks in)

GABRIELLE: (Peering over the stove and inhaling) “Ummm, that smells delicious, what are we having?”

MOTHER: (Stirring away) “I have decided to make us paella tonight, from scratch, something a bit different. It’s one of those cuisine type recipes – I picked it up from that Come Dine with Me.””

GABRIELLE: (feigning interest) “Sounds good. It’s always nice to try new things”

MOTHER: “It certainly is, it’s just a shame your father doesn’t share your views. Oh well, he is just going to have to put up with it”

GABRIELLE: (starting to fill the sink with water) “Yes, It’s always nice to try new things”

MOTHER: “I told your father, I have said he needs to be a bit more adventurous with his food, he can’t stick with the same old chops and potatoes all his life. I mean, we go to Spain often enough, it’s only right that we should sample their delicacy”

GABRIELLE: (pouring washing up liquid in the sink) “I couldn’t agree more”

MOTHER: “I mean, if his daughter can do it, then surely he can do it …”(Her voice trails off as she turns to look at Gabrielle suspiciously) “What are you doing?”

GABRIELLE: “Oh, me? Erm, I thought I would help out with the washing up. What is it you always say? Wash up as you go along when you are cooking. I think that is great advice mum, so I thought I would help out”

MOTHER: “Oh you did, did you?”  (Turning back to the stove, shaking her head) “Gabrielle, I wasn’t born yesterday. I can tell when my cherub of a daughter is up to something and right now I can see straight through you. What do you want?”

GABRIELLE: (Ignoring the comment, starts cleaning the dishes) “When I have finished cleaning, can I help you make tea?”

MOTHER:  (Resting the ladle against the pot and sighs) “GABRIELLE SMITH I am not daft you know – what are up to?”

GABRIELLE: (Defensively) “Nothing! Oh, thanks mum. Just because I want to help you out and learn some cooking at the same time, you automatically think I want something?  Shows how much you think of me. (Continues washing dishes sulkily)

MOTHER: (turns to look at her daughter) “Oh come on, Gabrielle, we both know that’s a lie.”

GABRIELLE: (continues scrubbing now, ferociously) “Whatever. It doesn’t matter now. You would only say no if I asked anyway. I don’t know why I bother”

MOTHER: “Well, why don’t you just ask instead of putting on this whole charade of being the dutiful daughter? I would much rather you come out with it.”

(Gabrielle stops scrubbing and dumps the cloth in the sink, turning to face her mother)

GABRIELLE: “Lisa’s sister is having an eighteenth party on Saturday night at the club and she has invited me and all my friends to go …”


GABRIELLE: “But please hear me out mum, I will be very good. Plus all my friends are going; their parents are letting them.”

MOTHER: “I said no Gabrielle, that’s the end of that”

GABRIELLE: (stomping her feet) “But why?? That’s so not fair. You are the only parent that has said no! All the other parents are much cooler than you. Don’t you realise that you are ruining my life!!”

MOTHER: “Gabrielle, you are fifteen, far too young to be going to an eighteenth birthday party. There will be plenty of time for parties when you are eighteen”

GABRIELLE: “What!! I am not waiting until I am eighteen mum. No one else does!! I can’t believe I am going to be the only person in the entire school who will be in on Saturday night. How embarrassing! Everyone’s going mum. It’s not fair!!” (Storms off crying)

(Mother turns back to stir the tea, thinking for a few moments, before following her daughter to her room)

MOTHER: “I don’t want to fall out, Gabrielle”

(Gabrielle ignores her mother, continues to sob into her pillow. Mother then puts an arm around her to comfort her)

MOTHER: “Believe it or not, I was your age once. I know what it’s like”

GABRIELLE: “Do you mum? Do you really? If you did, then wouldn’t you let me go to the party?”

MOTHER: “That’s exactly why I don’t want you to go. I know what it’s like and what goes on. I just want to protect you”

GABRIELLE: (turns to face her mother) “But you know I would be good.”

MOTHER: (sighs and strokes her daughters arm) “If I agree to let you go…”

GABRIELLE: (face brightening, sits up) “You will let me go??”

MOTHER: “IF I agree to let you go, you will get a lift there and will be picked up at 10.30, no later. No drinking, no smoking and certainly no boys”

GABRIELLE: (Throwing her arms around her mother) “I promise!! Thank you so much!!”

Homework for the 11th May 2011

Love Missuswolf xxx

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