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Today I would like to welcome the lovely Katie Gallagher, author of Catching You and the newly published Stealing Cynderella, which was released in February.


~Author Bio~

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Katie Gallagher is the author of the young adult novel, Catching You. She lives in Western PA with her husband and young daughter who graciously tolerate her inability to resist teenage drama on TV and lack of cooking skills. She loves coffee, flip flops and hates cold weather.



Eighteen year old Cyn Clark is excited to start college at RMU, it’s her chance to get away from her sick mother and run of the mill suburban life. But, as soon as she arrives on campus, she begins to have doubts. Her roommate is a bitch and the campus is so huge that she can’t find any of her classes.

What if she made a big mistake coming here?

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She begins to wonder if she should just go home and take classes at the community college, that is, until she meets James Lucas. From their first meeting, she felt like there was an intense connection, but was hesitant to do anything about it because of a past relationship.
James works hard to break down the walls into Cyn’s heart and is almost there, when he gets bad news from home that brings questions into their relationship. Now, Cyn isn’t sure about James and instead of talking to him about it, she makes the mistake of kissing someone else.
When James finds out, he ends the relationship and Cyn is completely devastated. And what makes it even worse, is that right after the break up, she finds out that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. How can she raise a baby on her own?

Grab your cuppa and dunk those biscuits as we catch-up with Katie Gallagher …

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Hi Katie, welcome to my blog – it’s great to have you here today

Where did you get the inspiration behind Stealing Cynderella?Stealing Cynderella Image

I guess that you could call it a fictionalized ‘ what could have been’ story of me and my husband if things had worked out with us in my junior year of college. 

How would you compare writing this book with anything that you have written previously?

My writing has drastically improved and I’ve learned to take my time with editing and not worry about rushing the publication process.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

I often asked for notebooks and books for Christmas, so that I could scribble my stories down, but I didn’t take my writing too seriously until my mother passed away when I was a young girl. Writing became my sanity.

How do you organise your writing time?

I’ve got a five month old at home, so the bulk of my writing takes place in between naps and after she’s asleep. Luckily, I have my mother in law around to help with her when she knows I’m on deadline.

Catching you imageWhere is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

Before my daughter arrived, I wrote upstairs on my husband’s desktop, but now I use the laptop downstairs, so that I can be closer to her if she needs me.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I’m in my thirties and don’t have a driver’s licence.  

Thank you for being here today Katie.

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Love Missuswolf xxx

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