The Quest To Find An Agent – Progress Report


You may recall my blog post from October The Quest To Find An Agent where I was collating lists of Literary Agency details in order to start the submission process of Little Miss Pooshoe. In January this year I put this list to good use and submitted to four Agencies in the UK.


I’ve since received two replies, rejections none the less.

But that has not dissuaded me.

I’m aware the journey to publication is a battlefield and if I stay down every time I’m struck with a rejection, I’m never going to get back up and achieve my dreams. The plans for this novel are now more long termed than I hoped as other projects are starting to surface however that’s for another blog post 😉 .

In the meantime, Little Miss Pooshoe still requires thirty chapter’s edited and a lot of re-writing before I’m happy with her, therefore she’s going to have to simmer away in the background for a lot longer. I’ll continue to try agencies and, if nothing comes of that route, I’ll self publish eventually so I’m happy either way with this project.

Cuppa and a Catch up pic

For now, I have a few lovely Author’s lined up for my Cuppa and a Catch-up feature over the next couple of month’s so keep toot for those!

Happy Monday everyone.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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