Fresh Air, Fitness and Friendly Faces: Baby Bootcamp

Monday 19th September 2016

It’s Monday morning. That can only mean one thing in this crazy Mat Leave schedule of mine: Baby Bootcamp.

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp

Who would’ve thought it – the hardback A5 black diary that I used for work is now used for my Mat Leave? Alongside the family wall calendar in the kitchen?

Well, me actually.

I was freakishly organised in my last job.  I planned a lot. So obvs it was going to spill into organising mine and Ella’s getting-out-of-the-house-time. And I’m still claiming baby brain aswell as blonde moments so I need two diaries. I’m aware I’m weird.

Plus if I don’t keep busy I go mad. Last Friday I stayed at home in the morning as I had an unsettled baby (sorry Kim I was meant to come to running club. I really am coming back).

Cough – blog post plug – This Girl Needs To Run.

Although it’s nice to have some time at home, we usually drive each other mad (which we did) and then end up going out (which I had to do). All the way to the Fish and Chip shop in the afternoon. Where I met my Grandparents. Which was the perfect excuse. Although I really wished I had made running club.

Oh well, I’ll just have to burn the calories off at …

Laura’s Baby Bootcamp

So – Monday morning’s is Baby Bootcamp at Northburn Park in Cramlington.

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp

It’s ran by the lovely Laura Watson-Joisce, who I often joke has been my personal trainer while I’m on Mat Leave.

Not only does she do the Bootcamp’s but she teaches Body Pump and Body Combat at Xercise for Less in Benton. I haven’t been for a couple of months now though oooops. Must get ahead start to make room for impending Festive period-Baileys-and-Mince-Pie- consumption.

Now Baby Bootcamp’s are a perfect way to get back into shape and socialise with fellow members of the no-sleep poo-talk gang.

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp

The sessions are forty-five minutes long and they tend to start with a jog around the park to warm up.

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp


Laura then shows about three different exercises at a time. For example lunges, squatting with your buggy and jump squats (I think I’ve got the terminology right??)

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp


We’ll probably do about 20 reps of each exercise three to five times. Then she’ll move onto another set of exercises, such as planks, running man (is that the right word?) and sit-ups.

Missuwolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp

And every session is different.

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp

We make use of the benches and the railings to work on our mammy arm muscles (lord knows we need these for lugging the babas around!)

Missuswolf Baby Bootcamp


At the end of the summer term we did circuits. It was fun – hard work – but we had a laugh. It definitely keeps you motivated and you can push yourself as the weeks go on.

The class is tailored to all levels and there are options to follow if you’ve had a section (which was me).

If you’ve got a toddler you can bring them along too.



Take a peek at the Baby Bootcamp Facebook page here.

Missuswolf Laura's Baby Bootcamp

I’ll be devastated when I have to go back to work in January (obvs I’ll miss baba) but I’ll miss going to Baby Bootcamp.

What better way to start your week with some fresh air, friendly faces and some fitness?

Love Missuswolf xxx

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