Baby-Led Weaning Essential: Tidy Tot All In One Bib and Tray

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Missuswolf Typewriter Compliments Disclosure

I received a Tidy Tot All In One Bib and Tray as part of this blog post. Please note this post also contains affiliate links

I managed to crack this Baby-Led Weaning lark and I’ve also found an essential along the way.

For those who’ve stuck with my ramblings over the past few months you’ll be well aware how daunting I found weaning (who could forget the episode of The Woes of Weaning huh?)

And I was very dubious – and super cautious – of Baby-Led Weaning.

But do you know what?

I prefer it.

Little Miss E is fiercely independent (always has been – she’s not one for sitting on her mama’s knee for snuggles).

When I started weaning, it was baby rice and porridge. We ventured into pouches but I’ll admit it. I don’t have the patience to sit and spoon feed (bad mother alert).

So I persevered with offering her finger food with her feeds.

And she loved it.

Baby-Led Weaning is actually my kind of weaning. Letting them crack on with feeding themselves means I get to eat at the same time. Brucey bonus!

But one thing I dislike about Baby-Led weaning is the mess.

My. God.

It gets everywhere; her hair, her chair, on her clothes, all over the tray and don’t even mention the poor floor! I even got a hoover specifically for the middle floor (I live in a Town House) that’s cordless to clear up all this mess.

So when I was offered the opportunity to try a Tidy Tot All In One Bib and Tray Kit I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I hadn’t heard of them and I was super intrigued.

Missuswolf Tidy Tot package


I felt like the OCD

clean freak in me

had been saved.


The bib and tray kit come in a rather small plastic wallet, which I was surprised with. I opened it and took the bib out first, followed by the tray.

Missuwolf Tidy Tot All In One Bib

I was like a magician – or better yet – Mary Poppins herself.

The tray looked deceivingly small.

But as I pulled it out of the wallet, it sprung into shape. A neat little trick – I’ll def be folding this away with the bib in the plastic wallet to take out with me.

It also has two suction pads underneath which easily attach to the high chair tray to keep it in place. It also has a line of velcro along the front.

Missuswolf Tidy Tot Tray


This line attaches to the line of velcro along the inside of the front of the bib.

Missuswolf All In One Bid velcro on front

I firstly put the tray around the high chair. Very easy, it just goes over and you feel for the suction pads and push these in place.

Then I attached the bib to the tray using the velcro.

Now comes the hard bit. Grabbing a wriggly baby and getting her to sit in her high chair. I don’t know why she protests so much. She should be well aware it’s feeding time at the zoo by now and happily slide into her chair.

Once said wriggly baby is in place, I sing to her (this is optional. Otherwise she kicks off. She hates having clothes put on her. Weirdo.) while I slide her arms in the bib and fasten the velcro at the nape of her neck.

Missuswolf baby in a high chair with Tidy Tot Tray and All In One Bib

Baby-Led Weaning Ready.

I then scatter her food along the green tray and voila!


She can’t reach over the side and feed the floor.

Nor can she sneak pieces down the front of her dress.

Everything is caught either on the tray or on the bib.

Missuswolf Baby in a high chair eating food on a Tidy Tot tray

Nee Mess.

I can sit back and tuck into my own grub without freaking out about the carpet eating more food than Ella.

Look at my floor here! Nothing – zilch.

Missuswolf baby in a high chair using Tidy Tot

Plus the tray and bib are easily wipe able and the bib is machine washable. Hurrah!

It can also be used for messy play. A realm I’m yet to venture into. But now I have the tools what the heck.

Let’s get messy.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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