Halloween Baby Rave

Friday 28th October 2016

Yesterday saw the Little Lady and I attending our first Halloween Party.

And it wasn’t just any old party.

It was a Halloween. Baby. Rave.

Missuswolf Halloween baby rave Albion Centre Blyth dark room uv lights

I’m not the most creative of people. So when it came to Ella’s Halloween costume, it was a good old trip to Asda (Actually it was more like a lazy-online-order-in-my-pjs-while-necking-wine).

No doubt there would be other’s in the same outfit (turns out I didn’t see any).

It was suitable Halloween Baby Rave attire.

A bright orange pumpkin vest with a fluorescent green tutu and stripey white and green tights.

I’m actually jealous.

I want an adult sized one.

Instead I took the opportunity to wear the darkest and vampiest shades of my Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow coupled with my new Crimson lippie from Boots Natural Collection (recommendation by a very good friend). Hell I even did a bit of backcombing of my hair to save me from brushing it properly.

Missuswolf Halloween baby Rave woman holding baby in pumpkin outift looking at each other

Halloween Baby Rave Ready

With it being the closest I’ll get to a rave in these toned down years of my life I’m bliddy making the most of it!

So off we trot to the Albion Centre in Blyth. The Rave started at 12.30 (and was on until 2pm) so this gave me a lovely long morning to potter about.

It turns out the more time I have, the worse a mammy I am. I packed her milk, just not the actual bottle.

Or any kind of plug device (dummy).

More fool me as we stood in the queue and she just whinged the entire time. So much so that we had to borrow a dummy from my really good mammy friend (high-five to the mammy tribe!)

Once we signed in, we parked up our buggies in the buggy park-come-chill- out-room. Cue mammy friends standing round catching up seeing how each other is and offering moral support to those who are having a tough day.

That’s when the music started.

Ah the distant memories of being pulled towards a nightclub for the pulsating music. Now I’m being pulled towards a soft-play in the dark.

Shoes were not permitted in the Rave Room so we all played pass the babas as we took it in turns to take off our footwear.

Once inside, the room had been darkened but there were plenty of UV lights to still be able to see where we were going.

Missuswolf Halloween baby rave darkened room with UB lights and soft play

We made our way through the room, stopping to chat to people we knew before taking our place with our mammy tribe (cake club) next to the ball pool.

Halloween Baby Rave baby in a ball pool holding a red ball

Although the room was really warm to start with, it did cool off a little as the party went on.

The lovely Rachael Logue who organised the event, did a speech about Tots and Tums and her experience with Postnatal Depression. This was then followed by glo-sticks and dancing at the front of the room.

Missuswolf Halloween baby Rave people in a dark room with uv lights

There was a set-up in the middle of the room with soft mats and soft play toys. Cushions were scattered for little babies to lie on or for mammies to perch their tired backsides.

Ella played in and around the ball pool with her little playmates until I had to do the mammy jig to calm down her whinging. Of course I still wanted to chat so I was up and down with her while I nattered on.

Halloween baby Rave two babies in pumpkin outfits sitting together

Floozy Ella flirting already

The sensory aspect of the rave was hugely successful. It wore a lot of the babas out – including Ella. She NEVER falls asleep on me but she was passed out on me towards the end.

That’s how I measure a successful baby event!

Enough to wear her out that she falls asleep on me.

Back home I troop to feed and change her. I think someone must be teething as an incessant whinge ensues the whole afternoon – enough to drive me to avoid bedtime.

Instead I escaped to ‘tidy the kitchen’ where I promptly popped open a bottle and hid drinking fizz.

And had my own mammy rave.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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