Music With Mummy: Bounce Those Jolly Babies 

Friday 7th October 2016

Back in the foggy haze that was May of this year, a lovely lady from Music With Mummy turned up to a Tuesday Tots and Tums Session.

That lovely lady was Sara.

And with her

she had a box full of instruments

and a personality that filled the room.

Missuswolf Music with Mummy Sara in the garden with a hat on
Those were the days I was surviving on black coffee and emergency Kit Kats.

I remember sitting chatting to my pregnancy yoga friend (whose baby was still a bump at this stage) as I awkwardly toyed with a tiny Ella.

Sara had set up camp to the side of us. The ‘older’ kiddies gathered around to play with the instruments and curiosity got the better of me. I shimmied over with Ella in tow.

Ella was two and a half months old at this stage and, although I was interested in the group, I was worried she was too young.

On the contrary.

Sara explained that the younger the babies attended the class, the better.

They’re like sponges. Even when they’re asleep they’re absorbing sounds.

Missuswolf Jolly Babies asleep on bean bags

The class is designed from birth to pre-school ages and encourages an array of skills; listening, rhythm, social aswell as developing speech.

I was keen to get involved in more groups.

The only music poor Ella had been faced with was the music channels on the TV.

Even more ashamedly – it was always the dance channel.

I know. Bad mam or what??

I was trying in vain for motivational music to wake me up and keep me going. Anything to get through the mundane eat-sleep-poop-repeat routine of a newborn.

Plus me and the hubster love all kinds of music (not just dance).

So I stopped being a selfish mother and signed on the dotted line for a free taster session the following week …

And I’ve never looked back.

We’re now into our third term and we’ll be signing up for our fourth  – and probably last – in November.  As I’ll be back at work in the New Year. Boohoo. Sob! Unless I win the lottery.

The sessions are half an hour-long and run once a week. They form part of our ‘Busy Thursday’ where we now spend all day out of the house at the Albion Centre in Blyth.

Jolly Babies followed by coffee and cake (maternity leave must-have) at the Albion cafe and then an afternoon at the new Tots And Tums Playgroup.

I’m feckin exhausted come tea time. I’m literally throwing Ella at the OH for bath and bed. What have I become??

Jolly Babies

is not just about

musical instruments.

We start by sitting in a circle and singing ‘Hello To All The Babies’. This is fab as you get to know everyone’s name.

This is followed by a couple of other songs such as ‘Mummy touches baby nose’ and nursery rhymes.

Then there are songs involving teddy bears. Woohoo!

Think Beanie Babies. This week we had a dolphin, which I must have subconsciously chosen to match Ella’s denim dress.

Missuswolf Jolly Babies playing with teddy bears

After the teddy’s go back in their box, out come the musical instruments; from little maracas’, to bells, to rain drums. The baba’s LOVE this part.

Missuswolf Jolly Babies Little Boy playing with musical instruments

They’re encouraged to play them along with the song we sing. You look around and see their excited little faces. They then have to stop playing them when the music stops.

Missuswolf Jolly babies playing musical instruments

Ella was the little tinker this week who kept tapping her rain drum when the music stopped. There’s always one.

MissuswolfMother sitting and Baby playing musical instrument

Once we’ve had a bit shake of the bells and a pat of the drums, iiiiiiitttt’s bubble time! Boris the Bubble Machine comes out to play.

Missuswolf Jolly Babies Children in circle watching Bubbles


Missuswolf bubble machine Jolly babies



I love this bit.

Not only for the bubbles. But for the choice of music.

It’s here that Ella gets introduced to such a wide variety of music – for example we’ve had Cold Play and Nancy Sinatra.

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We’ve had different themes too such as Under The Sea.

They love it.

And we love it even more.

Before you know it, the class is nearly finished and we’re singing the goodbye song. Again, we go around the circle and sing bye to all the babies.

I love this class and it’s been a huge part of Ella’s little life already.

It took me a while to know the words to the songs (some I still don’t know).

But as I said to Sara the other day, Ella knows.

She knows and recognises these songs when I sing them to her.

So much so that there’s one teddy bear song I sing when she inevitably kicks off. ‘Look at the teddies dance and play’ when I’m trying to dress her/put her in her car seat/haven’t made her milk bottle quick enough.

And it calms her down. She knows it.

Yet she’s never been like that with any other songs. I know my voice would make dogs ears bleed (it’s bliddy awful!) but she gets it. She gets the words and the rhythm.

Just like Sara said all those months ago.

Soppy alert:  I’m amazed at what attending a pregnancy yoga class back in Jan has led me to (more on this to come). It’s opened up a whole new social world that has helped me survive maternity leave. From that yoga class I found Tots and Tums and through that I joined Jolly Babies. Happy days.

Missuswolf jolly babies

So bounce those Jolly Babies, wiggle til you make them giggle.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Images from Paul Lynch Photography


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