Pokémon No-Go

Yup – I’ve downloaded it.

I would even go as far to say I was in the process of changing my phone settings to get this app in the UK prior to its launch.

Yeah – I was one of those.

I needn’t have gone to the trouble as it turns out it was actually available that very day in the UK. Hmmmm.

You see, I have an addictive personality and I shouldn’t be allowed to download games like this. When I was younger, I lost countless school holidays and early evenings to Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m in danger of losing my maternity leave to Pokémon Go.


Or am I?

If I’m completely honest, I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing. I don’t understand the game or characters, I just love the thrill of seeing a pidgey-me-choo or whatever they’re called and firing virtual balls at them.

I only walk around my house and into the garden to catch them as well, I can’t be bothered to go any further afield looking for them.

Maybe adulthood has quashed this addiction, or maybe I’m holding back as I know how life-consuming these games can become.

My thought process was that I could go Pokémon hunting while taking Ella for a walk(!)

I know. Life has hit a new low.

I don’t recommend it. Pushing a pram with one hand and holding your phone searching for these virtual creatures with another is not a great combination. Pram-in-sand-dune-bush springs to mind (those warnings to take note of your surroundings blatantly aimed at the likes of me).image

So much so I’m reminded twice.

I sometimes have a flick on the game when I’m feeding Ella (I know, bad parent but sometimes bottle feeding can be sooo boring. This is when I’m normally on Facey or Insta.). So instead of catching up on social media I’m trying to catch any Pokémon hanging out in my house.

I don’t recommend this either. Not when a Pidgey lands

on your little one mid feed and you drop everything to fire that red and white ball at them (I’m being sent to parent hell aren’t I??)


But it’s so satisfying when you catch that little sucker!

No. I’m not going to get drawn into it. I forget to play anyways when I’m out and about.

Until I see a fellow Pokémon hunter and my arm twitches to reach for my phone.

The concept is good and it’s getting kids out in the fresh air and bringing back some form of community spirit.

But Pokémon Go is a no-go for me.

Until the next bottle feed 😉

Love Missuswolf xxx




  1. Mocha Mad Mum! says:

    Haha! I love this! You have basically described my life! The only exception being that my daughter is 2! Dragging her around isn’t fun when she is screaming! My son who is 10 likes it but wants to take my phone out as he doesn’t have one … No way that’s happening so I end up going out with him! Lol

    Well done on a fab post!

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