Snacks On The Go With a Baby: Naturelly


For those of you who have stuck by me long enough on my weaning journey (cheeky post plugs here The Woes of Weaning and Baby-Led Weaning Essential: Tidy Tot All In One Bib and Tray) this is the latest installment: Naturelly.

Firstly. What is it?

Naturelly is a gelatine free, juicy jelly fruit snack, sweet by nature with nothing naughty added. 

That’s right – a jelly fruit snack.

So you know when you’re on the go and your small human makes those hunger noises? And if you’re like me there tends to be a stash of emergency baby biscuits in your changing bag to tide them over until the next meal?

You can now have an emergency pouch of jelly.

A pouch of jelly that’s:

– No added sugar or sweeteners
– 100% RI of Vitamin C
– Only 36 Kcal per pouch.

There’s three flavours to choose from: Summer Fruits, Apple and Blackcurrant and Tropical Fruits.

They have a screw top and can easily be sucked out the top.

I used this in the above scenario as an emergency snack for the Little Lady when we were out and about. She loved it. It went down a treat.

She was happy.

I was happy.

Yey winning at parenting.

That’s what it’s all about – being one step ahead.

If you’ve got school kids you can pop one of these in their lunchboxes.

You can buy them in bulk off the website and, as with anything in bulk, the more you buy the cheaper it is.

Plus you lovely lot for being my readers get to enjoy 25% off. Just pop in Natblog25 at the checkout.

There’s nothing stopping us adults having one either. If you need to quash a sweet craving or a pick-me up after sport.

Vegetarian society approved. Coeliac society approved. School Approved

Parent Hack: It’s always handy to have emergency snacks.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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