Unilever’s brightFuture Challenge: Small Changes Make Big Differences

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Thursday 13th October 2016

Unilever’s brightFuture Challenge looks at how the small changes we make in our lives can make big differences in the long run.

Since joining the Parenthood Sorority, I’m now part of a statistic. Part of the 83% of British parents who feel the birth of their first child made them want to change some aspects of their lives. For the better.

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Unilever’s brightFuture initiative focuses on small changes that can make big differences and how we can build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainably. Since the launch of the Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever has helped 482 million people to improve their health and hygiene, including through hand washing, improving self-esteem and oral hygiene.

Habit’s I picked up

in my own childhood

Missuswolf Lightbulb Unilever project

Turn lights off in room’s that we weren’t using.

So as not to waste electricity and to also save money on electricity bills

To shut the door of the living room.

Particularly of note in the Winter months – to keep the heat in the room. Again to save energy heating the whole house and thus save money. The heating would then click on for a bit before bed so the other rooms in the house were warm.

Not letting the tap run while cleaning my teeth.

Self explanatory really, saving unnecessary water wastage while cleaning my teeth.

All of the above are good examples

that were instilled in me from childhood.  

These are good habits I’ve kept with me in adulthood. I intend to pass these onto Ella too – small changes that can make big differences.

Since having a baby, cleanliness and hygiene have become topical. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always tried my best to keep a clean and tidy house (as much as you can when you work full time!) Which ironically seems like an even bigger task now that I’m at home most days with this small human that’s now on the scene.

The kitchen sink sees a lot of action. If I’m not rinsing dirty plates ready for the dishwasher, I’m soaking soiled clothes to washing baby bottles (obvs not all at the same time!) I try to use the little sink for the bottles and the bigger for everything else.

Therefore, I give the sink a whip around of bleach on a night time. So it’s clean for the next day’s use. I also try to use it down the toilets and sink plugholes in the bathrooms.

Missuswolf Unilever BrightFuture BritMums Domestos over the sink

However, it’s taking small steps like this to make little changes. Just five minutes out of my day. And if I do it the same time of the day everyday, it becomes a routine. So once Ella’s in bed, I can tidy the kitchen and bathroom, having a quick whip around with the bleach then.

Unilever’s help has been exemplified in the work undertaken by Domestos that has committed to helping 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020. Access to clean sanitation can protect people from preventable diseases, reduce mortality rates, help reduce school dropout rates and improve quality of life.

83% of children continue to feel optimistic about their own future and 59% feel optimistic about the future of the environment.


The never-ending laundry pile. Urgh.

How can such a small human generate so much dirty laundry? I know – it’s obvious. With both ends prone to overspill and the added mess of weaning, it’s a constant merry-go-round of change-wash-repeat.


For a while now, even before baba, I’ve washed clothes at low temperatures. This is my small contribution to a bright future and I’ll continue to do so.

Furthermore, Persil has backed a global initiative ‘Learning for Tomorrow’ partnering with UNICEF to help give children in some of the world’s toughest areas the opportunity of a quality education.

Persil also encourage children to go outside and play. I take Ella for walks in her pushchair and to buggy bootcamps. So she’s no stranger to outdoor activity – particularly seeing my mad, sweaty face when I’m running with her. But it’s all promoting a healthy lifestyle. She sees me exercising and it will become the norm to her. She’s getting fresh air now and I’ll actively encourage her to play outside when she’s older.

Six out of ten parents saying that they have started to live in a ‘greener’ way at home at the suggestion of their children.

Building on the aim to improve lives through small steps, the Dove Self-Esteem Project has worked closely with leading psychologists, academics and experts to create materials and resources that help young people develop a positive relationship with their appearance. The project has now reached over 19 million young lives.

Missuswolf glass of wine and Dove Body wash next to bath

The importance of you time.

I have a bit of a pamper in the bath with a glass of wine. Ah. Bliss.

Taking care of myself. So that I can function and take care of my small human. I want to be a positive role model for her. I want to promote being happy and healthy. I want her to develop a positive relationship with her appearance and will promote healthy eating and exercise. It’s all about balance.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 girls with low body confidence are so concerned with the way they look that they opt out of important life activities?

I don’t ever want

this to be Ella.


So it starts at home.

What kind of role model am I if I’m seen to be picking on other women’s bodies? I see and hear it far too often. It’s often used to mask one’s insecurities. I’m not going to be that kind of person – so I fully support Dove’s Self-Esteem Project.

Most parents (between 70-80%) believe that, compared with themselves, their children will live longer, have a better education and better job prospects, and will enjoy life more, even if they will have to work harder to reap the rewards of the greater benefits ahead.

In that case, isn’t it about time we all started working towards a brightFuture?

The smallest of steps now can make the biggest of changes later on.

What changes have you been making?

Love Missuswolf xxx 

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This post is an entry for BritMums #brightFuture Challenge, sponsored by Unilever  http://www.brightfuture.unilever.com.

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