A.Vogel Bedtime Story Competition

Good Afternoon on this lovely Sunday in September!

I am writing to you as I sit in my living room, feeling a little worse for wear after the home leg to one of my best friends weddings (the one which we went to Mexico for) and chilling listening to one of my good friends present his ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ on Koast Radio.

My next project In The Pipeline is that I am in the process of writing a story that I am hoping to submit to the A.Vogel Herbal Remedies Bedtime Story Competiton. The deadline for submission is the 28th October and I have wrote the first 1000 words in one creative outburst on Friday night. I do need to go back and edit this piece as there are parts I am unhappy about, as well as continue with the rest of the story. I have a good idea where I want to go with it and I am finding the storyline naturally coming through as I type, which I find helps as there is nothing worse than stumbling across writers block.

Prizes are:

1st: £500    2nd: £300     3rd:  £100

Although it would be lovely if i did ever win one of these competitions, cliche and as sad as it sounds, I enjoy writing for the pleasure of it. Plus, doing it for a competition gives me a deadline to work towards, which is exactly the kind of motivation I need. I’m a person who works better under pressure, I am more likely to work harder than if I can saunter along at my own pace.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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