Twilight – Stephenie Meyer


Yes, gasp-shock-horror, I have only just got around to reading the Twilight Series (I write this bracing myself from the wrath of my Die-Hard Twilight Friends – where I admit I have only seen two of the films eeeek!)Missuswolf Twilight

However, my excuse for not seeing all the films yet is that I want to read all the books first and then watch all the films back to back.

Not much of an excuse I know!

Now thanks to My Beloved Kindle and a portion of my birthday money (that was specifically allocated to Kindle books) I am downloading the Twilight Saga.

I finished ‘Twilight’ yesterday morning in bed (before psyching myself to get up for a gym induction)

I really enjoyed it, although having seen the first film I had that pictured too much in my head and I must admit I am someone who likes to read the book first and then see the film. I like to build my imagination on the book, however this sometimes leads to disappointment when I come to watch the film as it annoys me if films don’t do the book justice.

Well, this film certainly worked for this book and so far I haven’t been disappointed either way, the casting so cleverly done that Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart were basically born to be Bella and Edward.

I thoroughly enjoyed Twilight and I am now starting on New Moon …

Love Missuswolf xxx

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