Lauren Conrad – LA Candy Series

TUESDAY 05th JUNE 2012

Happy Jubilee Weekend Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the celebrations (by us Brits certainly know how to put on a party!) and of course the extra day of work (which sadly does not apply to us shift workers – never mind.)


Since the amazing warm weather –  that seems to have slipped away as fast as it came – I have been engrossed in The Hills star Lauren Conrad’s series of books based on a  reality TV Show LA Candy.

They have been the perfect books to sit and read in the garden whilst soaking up the rays in Costa Del Cramlington, pretending I am in the land of LA.

There are three books in the series; LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice.

They centre around four girls in their late teens who are picked to appear on a new reality TV series called LA Candy. However, as the books progress, not so much appears to be ‘reality’ anymore.

It’s interesting to read them as I felt LC has let us take a sneak peak into something not too dissimilar to what she experienced, and how us viewers are sucked into the reality tv shows with a belief that they are in fact, the real lives of these people. Of course, some elements of them are – but it has been a wonderful insight to see how it is not all the fame and glamour that we perceive it to be; the harassment from the paparazzi and the strong media influence on a persons reputation to name but a few.

I finished the last novel in the series, Sugar and Spice, in the wee small hours of night shift last night. and I have throughly enjoyed the scandals and the dramas.


LC is certainly one of the people I look up to;  I admire her sense of style and how, despite her fame, she keeps her cool and since The Hills has been involved with her own projects – such as these books – as well as her own Beauty Blog The Beauty Department. Well done LC!

I would recommend all three books for a wonderful, light-hearted piece of escapism.

Love Missuswolf xxx


  1. Hepburn Hilton says:

    I love Lauren to! I read the book a while ago, and even though I wanted to love them, I felt a bit to old. It was interesting to see the makings of show though. I love the Style book, and will be getting the Beauty one, but I think I’ll skip the Fame Game. Even though I am a huge fan of hers 🙂

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