Lynda La Plante– Silent Scream


This past week, we have escaped from the humble abode of our flat to cat sit at my mother-in-laws. This and the fact that the Ryder cup has been on to entertain the hubby has given me the perfect opportunity to catch up on my reading, ploughing my way through Lynda La Plante’s Crime Thriller, Silent Scream.

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Despite reading other reviews on this with readers not being satisfied with this book, I still enjoyed it.

I do enjoy a good ‘who dunnit’, however I was surprised at Anna Travis revealing a little too much about her case to the character Gordon, a bit of breaching of confidentiality there, but that’s just my logical mind.

The intrigue and story pace did keep me wanting to read the book, which is always a plus side therefore I would recommend this be added to any Crime Thriller Lover’s ‘To read’ list.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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