Postmortem – Patricia Cornwell


After completing my second James Patterson novel this morning, I am now moving onto another recommended and well-known Crime Author – Patricia Cornwell. Yes, this is also my first Patricia Cornwell book.

Another day spent powering through the Love/Hate relationship I have with a place I call work (today strangely being muchos love for the job. It won’t last) I found myself rewarding my weary, exhausted head with a new escapism in the world of Kay Scarpetta on my lunch break.

My kick was only fulfilled for a mere fifteen minutes, only as I had to return to work, but it was the antidote I needed.

Already I can’t put it down, only a few pages in. Again, like James Patterson, we are thrust straight into the storyline and,  a phrase used commonly at work, you hit the ground running.

I am night shift tomorrow, perfect opportunity to get stuck into this little gem …


I am about to embark on my last nightshift prior to four days off. I managed to squeeze a few pages in last night at work, however I turned out to be a little busier than first anticipated (I know, on a Sunday evening as well would you believe!). I made up for it by reading a few more pages when I woke up this afternoon.

I am thoroughly enjoying this book as I feel that I am learning from it, that the main character is a Chief Medical Examiner and it explores the scientific areas surrounding her role. I particularly like how it broaches the subject of a female in a strong job position battling in a still male dominated environment, even  in this supposed equal opportunities era. She is an interesting and inspirational character, and I am only a few chapters in and I feel her frustrations already.

Let’s see how much I get read tonight …


An unusually quiet night shift allowed me to get a fair few chapters in last night so I am working my way well and truly through this book. There are more questions being tossed around my mind now as to who the killer is and I am finding myself starting to become suspicious of every character; which I think is a recipe of excellent writing by the author and a dash of my wary mind …


I devoted a couple of hours first thing this morning to complete this book whilst the hubby ventured off to play golf. It had me guessing right up until the end, which I do like in a book as that holds my interest.

I was  pleasantly surprised that I did guess right about a scenario that occurred towards the end (which I will not go into for anybody who has not read this yet).

On the whole, an interesting book – as I stated earlier because the main character is a Chief Medical Examiner, the book describes forensic medical procedures and explains them.

Thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to reading more of Dr Kay Scarpetta’s escapades.

Love Missuswolf xx

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