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After a fairly successful evening at a pub quiz (meaning our team didn’t come last) I returned home to the dread of going back to work on Early shift. I can never sleep anyway so I thought I would open up a new book: Stephen Booth’s ‘Scared to Live’. I have never read one of his before so I am excited about this. I managed to get a few chapters in before the land of nod. Already the author has us guessing as to what is going to happen to one of the character’s in the first chapter (and more to the point how is it going to happen) as well as how did the house fire start that killed three fifth’s of a family unit? With a few other little seeds planted along the way for other stories. The author chops between the stories, which keeps the intrigue up as I am always thinking ‘ahhh now back to them, ooh I wonder what’s going to happen!’


I am nearly two hundred pages in and the story still has me wanting to know more; the investigation of Rose Shephard’s death intertwining with the Mullens House Fire is proving for intriguing reading; the author cleverly not giving too much away to keep me wanting more.

The investigation of Rose Shephard takes the detectives down to Matlock Baths and this book has certainly inspired me to visit there. I did go to the Heights of Abraham when I was younger, however I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I could have done and would love to return to Matlock for the weekend.


I had to add this update in as I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on it.

A few more pages in and I reach the last few pages of Chapter 18, in which is a snippet about three and half pages long in italics of the thoughts of one of the characters …but which one is it?? My guess (I think it is an obvious one so I think I may well be wrong) is the brother, John Lowther.

The author has a very captivating way of mixing different scenes from different characters perspectives throughout  a chapter, keeping the reader interested.


I am managing to soak up the plot quickly, by reading a good hundred pages on night shift, then another hundred or so when I woke up after night shift today. It’s all coming together and getting quite topical the further through the book I get. It is an interesting slant and all the links are starting to tie together.

I won’t give too much away for future readers. I had an idea towards the end about something, which I couldn’t wait any longer to see if I was right; so at bedtime I read the last hundred odd pages.

I was right about one thing (I will not divulge so as not to spoil it) however I was pleasantly surprised at the ending as whole.

Onto my next book …

Love Missuswolf xxx



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