The Hunger Games – Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins


Good Morning All!

Last night I reached a celebratory milestone….I completed the third book in Suzanne Collins‘ trilogyThe Hunger Games – Mockingjay. Woohoo! I wanted them all read before going to see the film (out this Friday 23d March eeeeeekkk!!!)

Admittedly, out of all the three, the first one definitely provided that addictive drug and overwhelming compulsion that made we want to devour the whole book over two days. The two books that have followed have been extremely good, both different in their own respects, just not quite as hooking at the first.

Again, Suzanne Collins takes you on a turbulent ride with her characters in Mockingjay;

Who to trust?

Who to sympathise with?

Who to absolutely despise?

There was something that happened in this book that I did not expect; taking me by surprise and I was completely devastated by it, hoping that somehow it wouldn’t be real. However, I will not tell you as I don’t wish to give any of this book away as it is absolutely worth your time to read it.

I consider these books to have changed my life; they are thought provoking and written beautifully – an inspiration to aspiring writers to allow yourself to go to the depths of your imagination and let it run wild.

You really do fall in love with the characters and you feel their pain, their determination and their love. Suzanne Collins has provided strong characters for us to both love and hate across all three books.

I have devoured all three hand held books this month, neglecting My Beloved Kindle (don’t worry Kindle I will be back now)

Thank you so much to Andy Wright for introducing me to them and I can’t wait for our cinema trip on Friday!

If you do read anything in your lifetime, please, please, please put these on your ‘To Read’ list.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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