The Memory Songbook – Douglas Glenn Clark


Morning All, apologies for the blogging neglect I have had a busy few weeks with work/a certain other half’s 30th birthday celebrations – plus the delightful distraction of the wonderful Olympics (Gooooo Team GB!) which I am SERIOUSLY having withdrawal symptoms from! Role on the Paralympics.

It hasn’t left me much time for much reading or writing.

However, my most recent conquest is a lovely little tale from a gentleman I follow on Twitter by the name of Douglas Glenn Clark The Memory Songbook.

It is a very touching story that’s narrative flits between that of a teenager and a middle-aged man, one battling the emotions of hopes and dreams of the future, another grasping so grimly to those memories of the past – a theme which is highlighted even more so by that of the character ‘Gramps’ . It really opens your mind to how precious life really is and how fast it really does pass you by, with memories being the treasurable things we cling onto; and how devastating it is when we begin to lose those memories.

It is well written, with dialogue that easily flows and is beautifully descriptive in places. My particular favourite is ‘the mist in her eyes turned to rain’; such a simple sentence that conjures up such a vivid image.

You can purchase this little treat here for your Kindle at £2.44.

Follow the Author on Twitter, who is based in the more sunnier climes of LA @Memory_Songbook

He also has his own blog

Love Missuswolf xxx

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