My Parent Hacks: No.1 Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep and Night Feeds

Thursday 15th September 2016

First Hack of Parenthood – if you’re bottle feeding, get yourself a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine.

Missuswolf Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

If you’re anything like me and want to make life as easy as possible – especially in regards to anything small human related – this is it.

It’s like a coffee machine. For babies.

And so simple to use.

Set the dial to desired amount of ounces and press once.

A shot of hot water followed by a beep indicates it’s time to throw in your ounces of formula powder.

Shake – then press again.

A steady flow of cooler water is then followed by a beep to indicate the bottle is ready.

Hey-ho presto – just like that.

So, let’s talk about Night Feeds …

My Parent Hack for night feeds? Take the machine to bed with you and keep it on your bedside table.

I used to take however many sterilised bottles I needed for the night with me to bed too.

I’d then measure out the formula I needed for each bottle into one of those plastic baby paraphernalia containers (don’t know correct name). This too would come upstairs.

So my bedside table looked like a Starbucks for babies but guess who didn’t have to get out of bed? (I need to add here that we live in a townhouse – the bedroom is on the top floor and the kitchen is on the bottom. That’s an awful lot of stairs to navigate when tired. I did this for our safety really :-p )

My mission in those awful early days was to get as much sleep as possible.

And if that involved Parent Hacking my way there then so be it.

As soon as Ella stirred, I’d switch the torch on my phone on (not the bedside light and definitely not the big light!) This was a tip from my sis which I took as gospel as she has good sleepers.

I’d then use the machine, make the bottle, lift teeny-weeny Ella out of the Bednest next to me (more about this in future blog posts) and feed her.

I wouldn’t make any eye contact or talk to her.

I know this sounds harsh but you’ve got to be cruel to be kind. I was helping her differentiate between night and day.

Once I’d fed and winded her, back in the Bednest she went, off went the torch and back to the land of nod I went – instantly. Hurrah!

You don’t have to use Tommee Tippee bottles either – we used MAM bottles (more about them coming soon too).

Keep an eye out for the likes of Asda Baby Events where this is reduced down to £60.

It’s all about trial and error in those early days.

You do what you need to do to survive.

Love Missuswolf xxx




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