My Parent Hacks: No 2 – Poddle Pod

Tuesday 1st November 2016

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My second Parent Hack is a Poddle Pod.

Missuswolf Baby Ella lying in a Poddle Pod

Oh my god so tiny!

I was introduced to this by some close friends when Ella was only a few  weeks old.

She was born a very tiny five pounds and everything she lay in – a moses basket, the Bednest, her crib – they all swamped her. We found that she didn’t really settle with all the space around her.

The PODDLE POD® is a naptime nest that gently snuggles little ones, giving them the feeling of being cuddled that they so desperately want.

I was a bit dubious to buy one at first as they cost about £50.

But it was the best £50 I’ve ever spent. Well, in baby land anyway.

The snuggle effect was exactly what our tiny baby needed. The Poddle Pod fit inside the moses basket, the Bednest and her crib.

Missuswolf Tiny baby Ella asleep on a Poddle Pod

And she slept. Hurrah! The key to all parent survival.

Although it doesn’t encourage you to let them sleep in them overnight, this was the only way tiny Ella would settle. The snuggle effect obviously comforted her. She slept in her Poddle Pod in the Bednest (another Parent Hack to come) next to me up until she was three and a half months.

Of course I was worried that she’d become accustomed to it and wouldn’t sleep without it.

So I made the decision to take the Bednest down and just have her in her moses basket next to me on the night-time. Without the Poddle Pod.

She’d obviously grown and her body filled more of the moses basket at this stage. The transition went smoothly and she found comfort in snuggling into the sides of the moses basket.

My point being here is that it’s all trial and error and you do what you need to do in order to survive. 

What works for one baby, may not work for another.

But the Poddle Pod has many other uses.

You can take it to friend’s houses and you have a portable place in which they can safely nap. We did this one Bank Holiday weekend where we rocked up to a friend’s house with the Poddle Pod. And the Perfect Prep (Hack no 1).

Missuswolf Baby Ella lying on a Poddle Pod

With a Poddle Pod, you have a dumping ground for when you want to take a shower/go to the toilet/get a cuppa or just to stare at them in disbelief that they’re yours.

We used ours every day up until she was about four months where she no longer fit it and was more mobile. Totally got our money’s worth.

So preggers ladies and new parents out there – if there’s anything that I would recommend you invest in, it’s definitely a Poddle Pod.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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