Story Corner: Baby and Lion Dog 

As I’m an avid reader, there was no doubt that the pushy mother side of me would inflict books upon the little lady.

So welcome to my new feature – Story Corner.

And the first book in this series is a fabulous new book called ‘Baby and Lion Dog: The Search for the Missing Nose’.

Missuswolf Story Corner Baby and Lion Dog Book

It’s written by a lady called Elizabeth Forbes, a deputy headteacher, whose dream of writing and publishing a children’s book has come true.

The book is a first in a series aimed at 3-7 year olds.

You can try to sit and read it to your babies, although mine won’t sit through longer stories at the moment (she’s a bit too young – only nine months).

However, I’m starting to build up her collection and I love supporting new writer’s.

Baby and Lion Dog will be added to her bookcase for when she’s a bit older.

Sooo – what’s it abooooot??

Baby and his pet Lion Dog have a special relationship. Each story takes them on a different adventure; searching for clues, helping people and solving mysteries.

What will happen on their special adventure this time?

Baby and Lion Dog attend the local circus whereby they come across a clown who can’t find his red nose (sob!) They must both help him find his red nose in order to save the clown’s performance!

I love the part of the book where they start their hunt for the nose.

The dialogue changes into short, snappy rhyming paragraphs. This picks up the pace of the story and I can imagine when Ella is older that she would love this – it emphasises the little mission that they are on.

Very well written and the illustrations are just superb.


This book is fab if you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, Christmas Eve Box or stocking filling for your little one.

Grab yours here:


Read more about Baby and Lion Dog on their website.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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