Good Housekeeping Competition


Good Morning lovelies!

This title could be misleading as it makes me sound like I am in a competition in the upkeep of a house – which I clearly am not as I am a wee bit lazy. I’m always exhausted after six days of ten hour shifts so that by the time my days off come around the last thing I want to do is clean/wash/iron – UGHL! (I think once I move from my flat to a house I will magically become a domestic goddess but right now I would rather read/write/watch tv/sleep/sunbathe –  well the latter  was last week by no means this week!)

Back in December I was on a wee trip out with my mother as we so often do on my days off, pottering around the shops. We hadn’t planned to, but we ended up taking a detour to a local supermarket on the way home where we both spotted the Good Housekeeping magazine on the shelves – with a competition to win the chance to have your novel published.

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At this point, I didn’t consider what I was going to write, I just bought the magazine and was safe in the knowledge I had until 31st March as a closing date.

I went about my day contemplating what I could write and then it struck me – I had always planned to write a novel in the New Year based around a woman who loses her job, yet sprinkle it with a comical element. It was slightly based on my own experience and was to include all the daft things I have said and done.

That’s when the lightbulb struck.

Rather than write two novels – one for the comp and the one I was going to write anyway, I thought I may as well go full steam ahead with my Novel Project 2012 and submit that for the competition.

And submit I did.

I sent my entry in on Thursday last week – which consisted of the first two Chapters of the novel which I had given a spring clean since they were first written back in the dark first few days of January. A snippet of Miss Pooshoe has been unleashed to the world and I await to see how far she gets.

The prize is an advance of £25,000 to have your novel published – woohoo! That would come in handy (especially towards the house that will make me a domestic goddess 😉 )

However we have to wait until the end of May to find out… until then, I retreat back to my sofa/garden chair (delete as per appropriate weather) and books.

Love Missuswolf xxx



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