My Claim to Fame


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents.

I wanted to share with you my little claim to fame from back in the day…

When I was 13years old, I was a member of the Radio Times Magazine and NewsRound’s ‘Press Pack’ gang.

Yup, I was one of those eager teens who scribbled away at assignments in a desperate plea to win. The prize now escapes me (probably as I never won – sob!) However, I did come close. Twice.

On both occasions I got to spend the day down at London’s BBC studios in the Blue Peter Garden (eeks! I even spied Andy Peters) as well as in the NewsRound studio, where I had to audition in front of a camera delivering a news report. This involved learning lines and spouting them professionally to the camera gulp!

Although I didn’t win, I really enjoyed the experience and it is something I will never ever forget.

Sadly, I can’t find the article that I wrote for submission – it would be interesting to look back and see what my 13 year old head was thinking.

Not only did I get featured in the Gateshead Herald wohoo! (article pictured – yes hideous photo alert! Check ooot my fab t-shirt) I also got the joy of having to stand up in School Assembly as the Head Master proudly announced my achievements (cue my face flushing obscenely crimson and wishing the cold tiled floor would give way beneath me, letting me fall freely away from this, cringe! argh!)

But It was my little slice of fame which I achieved through writing.

Maybe one day history will repeat itself and I will end up in a Studio with someone reading lines from my book in front of a camera. One can but dream – back to reality and eating my Morrison’s chicken (yum) and scoffing the last of my Easter Eggs before I iron my work shirts.

For anyone who wants to read what was written in the article, I have typed it (yes sad I know) below.


Love Missuswolf xxx

GEMMA SCOOPS HONOURS AT BBC (Oooh I do sound like royalty!)

Young newshound Gemma Gray could soon be swapping the classroom for the newsroom after scooping a top prize in a national reporting competition.

The 13 year old pupil from Brockwell Middle School in Cramlington was named as one of four finalists in the nationwide search for top young reporters by the Newsround Press Pack team.

With over 100,000 members, Press Pack is currently the country’s largest young journalists club run by the Radio Times.

In January, members were set an assignment on holiday attractions. Gemma’s story on rollercoasters was shortlisted and she was invited to BBC Television Centre in London for an audition.

Although pipped at the post, Gemma’s report will now be featured along with the three other finalists on Newround’s Ceefax Page 517.

Courtesy of Gateshead Herald March 26 1997


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